This Week in Geek (26/03-01/04/07)


A couple of WB cartoon seasons this week, including the much anticipated Justice League Unlimited Season 2 (which is actually Season 3 or Season 5, depending on how you're keeping count). And let me tell you, I've already put a substantial dent in it, with only three episodes left. Sigh. It goes by too quickly. The other one is Teen Titans Season 2, which probably won't take me long either. See you next week for an update.


On the Whovian front, let's see... Well first, I made a couple WhoCCG cards from the film "Doctor Who and the Daleks" as part of a small 7-card set based on the two Dalek movies. The rest to come next weekend. I also "flipped the tape" on The Sontaran Experiment, a shorter 4th Doctor story. Announced as a no-frills cheapie, it still had a decent documentary with a framing sequence using a new Sontaran and the usual commentary tracks, so I'm not complaining. Oh, and Series 3 of the new Doctor Who premiered last night and you know what? The new girl will work out juuuuuuust fine. Probably the best Series opener yet.
Oh Martha... can you ever replace Rose? The answer may just be YES!

I also flipped the tape on 28 Days Later, which I hadn't yet seen. That's me, buying films sight unseen again. But my instincts very rarely lead me astray, and I enjoyed it greatly. Have I ever told you Christopher Eccleston can do no wrong? Well he can't. And the DVD really doesn't skimp on the commentary portion. Not only do director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland comment the film itself, but also each deleted scene, alternate ending, storyboard and picture gallery! And never a boring moment. I look forward to hearing from Boyle on Millions as well, which sits in my collection as yet unwatched.

Comics? Yeah, I dig them too. This week I got through Grant Morrison's 7 Soldiers of Victory vol.4. I'd read the first 3 trade paperbacks all in one go and had to wait for this one, and I'd reread them before starting on vol.4, but I caught up quickly enough. The interlocking series really do bear rereading at some point though. A mark of how much I enjoyed this is that I keep thinking about which of the Soldiers I'd like to see get his or her own series (by the same creative team, of course), and the answer is "most". The Guardian would be top of the list (which surprises me), but I also think Zatanna is a great underused A-lister. Frankenstein would be a sort of litterate Saint of Killers I'd actually LIKE to read about. Bulleteer amuses me no end with its deconstructionist approach to superheroes. And it just feels like the Shining Knight's story isn't over. If I say no to Mister Miracle, it's that I think Scott Free should wear the mantle, and it read a little too much like a Flex Mentallo mind trip. Klarion's story is probably the one that ends the most satisfactorily, so no need there.

Not much time to play Warcrap this week, but I did manage to get Lynda with a Y up two levels to 25. Oh, and we went through the Deadmines, AKA "V.C." (after the guy who's head you have to bring back, VanCleef). It's proabably the dungeon that gets the most traffic and certainly one of the easiest when you know what you're doing. Favorite screenshot from the mission:
That's a hunter's pet rummaging through a mining cart. I don't know either. Sometimes the bugs work to entertain you. Anyway, Lynda picked up a lot of stuff and was dubbed a Loot Whore, which isn't a nice thing to call a girl, even one with cloven hoves. Unfortunately, that loot included a better mace than I had, so I had to equip it. I say unfortunately because that mace is actually a rolling pin. A ROLLING PIN! Now Lynda looks a like a complete doofus. Need to upgrade SOON!

Website finds

Now, I'm not a big fan of YouTube (it's just the new spam to me), so I won't send you there often. I'll make an exception in this case though. And it probably won't appeal to any but my closest friends. So I appologize in advance. It's a video made by some of my friends, starring a bunch of my friends, for George Belliveau, who's a cool guy despite being a country singer (hey, Vigilante is a country singer, and I love him, so there!) It's actually a pretty fun song (but in French, be warned). I thought it was just this side of hilarious, but it's probably because I know everyone involved, and because that is the worst ever door-in-face moment ever captured on digital camera. Linkitty-link!


joncormier said...

Okay, where to start - first, watch both Millions and 28 Days Later. Both are fantastic but Millions will actually warm your heart. That being said, Danny Boyle must turn every movie he makes into a revenge story.

Also, rent Cracker with Robbie Coltrane - Christopher Ecclestien is in that as well and does a pretty great job as a cop who really really wants to do a TV interview.

Siskoid said...

Millions is already on my shelf, so it's probably going into the DVD player next weekend.

As for Cracker, I've got to get my hands on that. Renting isn't something I usually do (on account of not having a driver's permit and video stores' bias against people who actually can't leave town with their precious movies... but that's a rant for another day), but I'll try to get my hands on it!


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