Friday, July 27, 2007

Hergé's Head Trauma Fetish

Geekrant subject: So You Think You Can Dance
Thesis: Bullshit appologies to American patriots

(As accompanied by images from Objectif Lune)I make no secret about it, I like So You Think You Can Dance. It's the only talent show I watch, and I've been known to be emotionally affected by dancing. Also, I've got the major hots for Cat Deeley. Now that I've properly lost all my street cred, on to the ranting.
Last night, the show opened with two of the "joodges" appologizing for things that had gone on the night before. First, about a fashion jacket that had some symbol upside down on it which apparently insulted the U.S. Marines to a great degree.
Mmm, ok... Sure, I'll buy that. I guess. Of course, don't these guys have other things to do than nitpick a dance choreographer's choice of clothes? Like maybe, fight a war/insurrection/rebuilding initiative?
But then, the series producer had to appologize because of an anti-war/pro-peace routine from the previous night.
He actually appologized to patriots for a dance routine where the participants wore a peace sign and a word such as "love", "humility" or "compassion".
He made those points, as well as the usual "anti-war doesn't mean anti-troop" argument, but he still ended with "we're sorry".
If he wanted to appologize for something, how about the fact that we had to sit through that same cheesy solo routine 10 times? Offended, I was not, but bored? Yeah, a little.
But now I'm trying to figure out just who the hell wrote in with those complaints? Who are these pro-war militants who would cut grants for the arts in a nanosecond if given the chance, who nonetheless follow a fucking dance contest on tv?
I have vague visions of some survivalist nutcase in Waco with Cedric's "save me!" number on his speed dial...
But they probably don't exist, do they, these complainers. Fact of the matter is, the show airs on Fox. Starting to see the light?
It's no secret that Fox is hardcore right-wing, especially if you enjoy its Fox News distortions.
I get the feeling THEY're the ones who came down with an edict to appologize to their viewers (all those screaming teenage girls with shotguns in their closets).
Either way, appologizing here is INSANE! "Gee, sorry I can't get behind violence! I hope my peacenik attitudes don't offend you, but I'M A FUCKING DANCER!!!"
(Not to say a dancer can't fight the good fight. I wouldn't want to offend any dancers out there. From everyone at Siskoid's Blog, I deeply, deeply appologize.)
See how stupid that sounded? This is a show that brings weekly doses of hip-hop routines based on anal sex, and people are coming down hard on its peace message? Kill me now.
Then, the two people I'd figured to go went, and all was right with the world.
But you know... it still bugs me that someone, somewhere is so dense as to miss the point entirely and that tv is still catering to them.

All I got left to say is: Protect yourself, kids.
(Dedicated to all the troops everywhere in the world. No matter which side you're on, you shouldn't be dying out there.)

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Bass said...

Amen Brother

Ziyi Zhang is a dancer... she could kick my ass.

That appology was weird, uncalled for, and politically charged. It had no place along side cute dancers.