Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Your Hergé Head Trauma Moment

You know, I rant a heck of a lot in life, but I'm not really one of those bloggers. Which is surprising. But if I combine my ability to rant and my desire to provide you fine folks with Tintin getting it in the head, maybe I can come up with a post!

(Images selected from Le Sceptre d'Ottokar by Hergé.)

Geekrant subject: Computer trouble
Thesis: That shit is my fucking kryptoniteThere is nothing - NOTHING - that kills me more than computer trouble. I use computers all the time. At work. At home. At other people's homes when they're not in the room. But I don't know jackshit about them. Oh, I can get around a lot of software, and I'm good at troubleshooting most of the time. But hardware? No way. And when the damn machine doesn't want to do what I want it to...
No it's not my kryptonite (thesis discarded), it's my reason for hulking out. Forget the Superman metaphor and cast me as the Hulk. For Bruce Banner, it's getting slapped around by frycooks in a dirty kitchen (tv version) or Tony Stark (comics version). For Green Lantern, it's destroying Coast City (oh no, you di'n't!). For Batman, it's digging up his parents' graves. And for me, it's computer problems.
Case in point, the day before I was supposed to go on vacation, my job's technical services changed my account to accommodate their new email address policies.
For whatever reason, they didn't plan on any kind of crossover time when both the old accounts and new accounts were active together so that one account could, so to speak, give the other account the keys to everything. So guess what happened?
If you said I couldn't start my vacation on time because it took a whole day to get everything (and I work in communications, so that's a lot of everything) back in order, I'll send you something nice*.
That's exactly what happened.
Add a screw-up with my employee number...
...the fact half of everyone is on vacation and unavailable to help...
...and the deep impression that I ignored some email sometime, which means it was ALL MY FAULT**...
...and you've got a recipe for Hulk-level frustration.
But listen, you might as well ask Bruce Banner to calm down when he's getting the bejeezus kicked out of him. You can't. Just 10 minutes ago, PhotoShop crashed.
Just find that vibrating string of rage inside yourself and make it be still. One day at a time. One day at a time.

BONUS: Your Hergé Ass Trauma Moment

Protect yourselves, kids.

*I will most definitely not send you anything for your deductive skills. I was telegraphing the answer the whole time.
**It totally was, and if anyone who works at tech services reads this - like my webspace provider - much thanks for helping me get it all working again.


Fraseador said...

wath a great comic!!!

i`m from chile and here that comic was called "rintitin", that nice dog is very funny, also those two guys were always falling.

nice blog it make me remember.
(sorry for the bad english)


Nik said...

Man, I love the Herge head trauma, even reading those books as a kid the cumulative impact of all them stars and stuff made it really HURT to look at, y'know? Respect the Herge, I'm saying.