Sunday, January 27, 2008

5 Things to Like About Wonder Woman #16

I am actually enjoying a Wonder Woman comic. Every month. How is that possible? I've always liked the character, just not the stories. Well, that's all changed now. Here's stuff I particularly liked about this week's issue:

1. Super-intelligent ape commandos fighting high-tech NazisWhile that speaks for itself, it's only REALLY great because the apes started out as Diana's enemies who know owe her fealty. Wonder Woman is REGAL.

2. Diana's prayer
It's wonderful that Diana can be both spiritual and compassionate without losing any of her power as a warrior. Gail Simone has found the Amazon's voice in fewer than 3 issues.

3. Amazon baby killers
The whole backstory of Diana's birth is fascinating, with a segment of the Amazonian population seeing childbirth as an aberration of Man's World. Naturally!

4. The Golden Age reference
If having Diana fighting Nazis isn't already a throwback to her origins as a WWII hero, this bondage joke seals the deal. Delightful!

5. The Golden Eagle
My favorite bit from WW16 has to be the origin of the W-bird on her costume. Only Gail Simone can fill a cleavage shot with meaning. I am in awe.

More positivism every week here on the SBG... though expect a fair chunk of "5 Things to Like" to be about Wonder Woman, Booster Gold and Iron Fist!


SallyP said...

Wonder Woman was indeed a good read. In fact, I can hardly wait for the next issue, and that's got to be a good thing.

Gail Simone has found her feet on this book remarkably quickly. I like the subplots with Diana's birth, and really, you just can't go wrong with both Nazis AND gorillas.

Stephen said...

so wonderwoman is worth picking up i'm going to have to check it out. what issue does simone's run start on?

Siskoid said...

#14 unless I'm mistaken.

So she's just three issues in.

Bass said...

It's about time that Wonder Woman had some good writing.

I only know her from JLA stories, and this is simply because I never could read WW comics. They were Blah!... for lack of a better sound.

I got on boad with Simone's writing. She rocks.

Actually... I an looking in on her Birds of Prey.

mwbworld said...

Yup she started with issue 14. Originally it was supposed to be earlier but they pushed it back.

The wait was agonizing.

I think I was too hypnotized by the gorillas and Nazi's when I read and blogged it. I totally missed the GA bondage reference the first time around. It truly ain't GA WW without the bondage references.

I can't wait to see how Gail shapes it.

And to tie into your bubble talk Gail is usually really good about preserving the bubble just separate enough from the DC universe to make it interesting.

suedenim said...

Another thing I love is the depiction of Wonder Woman's lasso, which just the *threat* of using will reveal the truth.

Facing up to Truth is evidently a very, very frightening thing for the wicked!

Siskoid said...

The only reason I didn't mention it is that I think I have a post about it coming at some point and didn't want to steal my own thunder. So I agree!