Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Gorilla Suit Day This Year

At the request of Don Martin's widow.

I guess my family wouldn't understand a homage to me either. ("Don't call here again about All-Prophets Day and tell that kazoo band not to show up at our house this year!!!")

So in lieu of apes, the SBG offers... ROBOTS!

We may have replaced the apes, but the robots... The robots will replace us in every sphere of human activity!

Prize fighting!
Shaking the boot-AY!
Looking stupid!
The arts!
Even the most popular sport on Earth though it's not very popular over here will be played by ROBOTS!
Your obsolescence is only the first step. The takeover is coming. You cannot oppose us, meatbags.


De said...

I don't know. That's going to have to be one hell of a robot to replace me when it comes to looking stupid.

Siskoid said...

The more I look at these guys, the cooler I think they actually look.

Anonymous said...

If all robots are like Aaron Stack, we're lucky to be replaced.

FoldedSoup said...

Robot Gorilla suits are a concept I can get 100% behind. Or into.

(Ghod, I sound like a sci-fi geek furry.)

(I shouldn't have admitted to that.)

SallyP said...

Soup, some day I am going to HAVE to get you drunk.

Pout said...

To say soccer is not that popular around here might be outdated. Canada did, after all, break world attendance records for the Juniors World Cup.

And if you meant your specific locality, I can assure you that it has become, in the last few years, the most popular summer sport amongst kids in your sister city (the french one). I remember the year they started their league (when I was working for the city): they had to create 4 extra teams!

Way to miss the main topic totally Pout....