Monday, June 30, 2008

5 Things to Like About OMAC

If you haven't gotten a copy of the OMAC: One Man Army Corps Omnibus, you really, really should. Its only real flaw is that it got interrupted mid-swing. Here are some (only some!) of my favorite moments in the book:

1. My body is rejecting the bullets!Yes, there's a medical reason why OMAC is bulletproof. Puts all other justifications for super-powers, EVER, to shame.

2. Nomenclature with OMAC
Animal? Vegetable? Mineral? All three?!? Here again, Kirby deals in pure comics. Screw realism. There can't possibly be a scientific explanation for visuals like this. And later, the monster "fission[s] like a hydrogen bomb!!!" so yeah, we're far off the Safari Cards.

3. The bad guys are ruthless
OMAC survives THIS, among other dangers! The first rule of OMAC: Everything! Must! Be! Extreme!!!

4. Super-Court!
Criminals in "the World That's Coming" don't just go to court, they go to Super-Court, at the very summit of Mount Everest. Everything! Must! Be! Extreme!!!

5. One army. One punch.
It only takes one.


rob! said...

i'm generally not a fan of reprinting old comics on super-bright paper, but with these Kirby books IT WORKS.

i never got into OMAC, but looking at the panels you posted makes me want to get the Omnibus.

De said...

I have to echo Rob here about now wanting the Omnibus.

A colleague and I just have now realized that "Super-Court" must become reality. He's never read any Kirby goodness and thinks the concept is awesome.

Charles Hatfield said...

Ha, OMAC is one of the most deliciously fucked-up comics in Kirby's trick bag. An underground comic in all but name!

Hey, Siskoid, thanks for weighing in over at Thought Balloonists re: my FINAL CRISIS review. Nice to hear from you again. Thanks too for tipping off others about it!

My intention is to write a big, sprawling, self-indulgent essay on continuity-driven event comics one of these days... but, oh, the bad comics I'll have to (re)read...

Siskoid said...

I would look forward to it, Charles.

Adama said...

I just got the first volume of the Fourth World Omnibus, and the colors in it were amazing. Looks like they've done a similar thing here.

Once I finish with the Fourth World, OMAC will be mine! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA

Siskoid said...

Yes, same format. I really like it.