Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spaceknight Saturdays: Rom vs. Air Force!

RomTM Vol.1, No.10, September, 1980 issue (as it is officially called) is an odd-looking comic. While it features the usual art of Sal Buscema, the quality of the linework seems to change from page to page because of the lettering. I'm sure it's an illusion, but thinner letters seem to make the inking bolder, and vice-versa. And the book has very diverse lettering styles going on in it, lettered as it is by the "Friends of Danny Crespi", Crespi being the actual letterer who'd fallen ill. According to an editor's note, various and sundry bullpeners chipped in. As you'll see, some of it is VERY amateurish and shaky.

Anyway, while Rom was fighting Serpentyne, Brandy and Steve were jailed in connection with the death-by-vegetable of Artie the Cop. Rom's solution is a simple and effective one: Bust them out.
Man, that really blew the sheriff's mind, didn't it? DON'T DO IT, SHERIFF! IT'S NOT WORTH IT! (And did you spot a vital clue in that cluster of panels? There'll be a test lower.)

Rom's quest at the moment, if you'll remember, is getting his Nullifier back. It's that blocky toy accessory that sends the Wraiths to Limbo keeping the horrorfest that are his battles with them to a manageable PG rating. He knows it's been taken to Washington D.C., but where's that? Brandy provides a useful map:
He's got to go, but before he does, he has to learn a valuable lesson about girls.
They're all the same, Rom. But then, wouldn't YOU be needy if you dated the Silver Sultan of Galador? In any case, Brandy already has a boyfriend, as indicated by what is my favorite scene to date:
Oh Rom, you've got it bad. Steve holds and smooches Brandy as the Spaceknight leaves, content that his manhood has been satisfied in this matter...
Wait. Hold on. "One of her own"? A creepy smile? It COULDN'T BE! ...Could it? It could and IT IS!

While you freak out, Rom's gotten himself to the nation's capital and violated presidential airspace. Break out the jet fighters and the heat-seeking missiles. Lowly humans, you think missiles can stop Rom?
And now your "SCREW THIS!" moment of the week:
Further, here's your "SCREW THIS TOO!" moment of the week:
But distracted as he is with the little planes, Rom doesn't see Sister Sweet get behind him in a hovercraft and blast his ass with purple beams (oh, dreaded purple!). He's captured by the Wraiths, Brandy's smooching alien Steve... It's all gone wrong.

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rob! said...

i wonder if this particular ROM was, in fact, ever worth $2500 to anyone.

Jayunderscorezero said...

"Shavam?!" Power of "Venus", perhaps?