Monday, June 23, 2008

Year One... of What Continuity?

You know, no matter how hard I try, I can't figure out where Final Crisis will leave the DC Universe. If the original Crisis shrunk the multiverse to a single Earth, and Infinite Crisis+52 brought that number back up to 52, then in what state will Grant Morrison leave the multiverse post-Final Crisis?

One of the reasons I'm confused is that DC has been putting out a number of Year One series, admittedly few of which I've read (the wonderful Teen Titans and the underrated Huntress - I haven't seen anyone mention this one, but I'm really enjoying it). If Final Crisis will (like other Crises) reboot the universe, why waste time rebooting characters BEFORE that final reboot?

Presumably, facts established in Year Ones will be respected in the new continuity. Then again, we've barely even tasted the post-IC/52 continuity in the wake of which these books are coming out. So will there even BE a reboot? If there is, is it too soon? If there isn't, is it really worthy of being called Crisis? Or will the post-52 multiverse be simply tweaked to a) rewrite the rules for multiversal storytelling (with Hypertime or some such thing) and/or b) finally gel character histories into a final continuity?

After all, the Year Ones are arguably only featuring second-tier characters right now. And when they're not (Green Lantern), they're being written by people who are also handling aspects of the Crisis (Geoff Johns, in that case). Are more fundamental Year Ones waiting on those Final Tweaks?

Any theories?


SallyP said...

I hardly know what to think about what Final Crises is going to do to the DC Universe yet. On the other hand, I HAVE been enjoying all three of the "year one" stories that you have been reading, the Teen Titans has been a hoot from start to finish, and Huntress has been very good...more Sopranos than Superheroes, but there is nothing wrong with that.

I've been enjoying Hal's origin, Geoff Johns has been fleshing it out very well, and adding in all the little hints about Abin Sur and Sinestro.

I'd actually like to see some MORE Year One situations. I think that John Stewart and Guy Gardner deserve one, not to mention some other characters.

Jayunderscorezero said...

I assume you meant "which continuity" and are not in fact asking the - perhaps more pertinent - question of "what continuity?" Because yes, what continuity indeed!

Siskoid said...

What continuity indeed. The Teen Titans one (the best of the lot really) seems to take place in its won continuity bubble, more animated series than comics. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sally: You WOULD want to see the other Lanterns ;) Maybe they'll be folded into the Hal Jordan story?