Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spaceknight Saturdays: Rom Does the Limbo

Last week, we left our friendly neighborhood Spaceknight falling into Limbo. And as you can see from the cover, he's got more problems than an army of Dire Wraiths living down there. Bill Mantlo just done noticed that Limbo was mentioned before in the Marvel Universe as the stomping ground of Avengers villain the Space Phantom, who can take your place while YOU spend time in Limbo and see if you like it.

These days, he's kind of stuck in Limbo, so new blood is just what the doctor ordered.

What we don't realize about Limbo: While it's a weird Doctor Strange-ish dimension, it's also superimposed on our reality, and people in Limbo can become aware of it as ghosts.
The other thing we don't realize about Limbo: Some Wraiths have a lot of fun there. I like the guy in the middle.
But where's the Space Phantom I promised? Well, he's hanging with another surprise resident of Limbo: Karas, AKA Firefall, Rom's ambiguously gay friend from the old days!
The Phantom takes his place, sending him back to Galador to admire his "remains" while he tries to manipulate Rom into freeing him from Limbo. But the Wraiths are already on to the silver Spaceknight, including a gray lump who used to be Rachel Sweet, with a double-whammy of summoned monsters and visions about the destruction of Earth and Galador.
Faux Firefall to the rescue! He gives the Wraiths a taste of living fire and tells the real Firefall's story about how he sent himself to Limbo just as the Wraiths were about to draw him out of his armor.
As the Phantom is about to betray him, the real Karas returns with bad news. Something about Galador no longer being there. The Phantom gets thrown to the Wraiths and the living fire opens a rift that sends Rom back to Virginia. But what about Galador?!?
Meanwhile... a couple hundred years ago in Saga... of... the... Spacekniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights, our heroes get to a medieval world where SOMEone spoke out of turn and ruined the Spaceknights' reputation. I can't really get into the politics of it, not when the king of the realm is riding THAT:
Aided by Wraith technology, the "King of Hearts" manages to capture the trio, but Starshine exposes his Merlin type as a Wraith.
But while her powers are murder on fabrics, they don't kill. That's why the gang is flying with the Terminator.
And then dude goes crazy and kills the king too. Oops. Well, I guess we're in for a trial... NEXT... on Saga... of... the... Spacekniiiiiiights!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Enjoying your blog quite a bit. Discovered by, of all things, looking up Arm Fall Off Boy on Google. Good reviews.

Siskoid said...

Thanks for the kind comment. You were asking for it by asking about Arm Fall Off Boy though :).

Porridge Face said...

I have to say, while most Rom issues end promising some excitement for the next issue, this one's ending is particularly chilling.