This Week in Geek (24-30/11/08)


There are no real reference works on Star Trek comics and novels, but since I was going to include them in my blogging schedule, I thought I might at least get SOMEthing. That something is Voyages of Imagination by Jeff Ayers, which isn't really THAT useful. He does put the books in order and offers a possible timeline for them, so I can use it as a checklist at least. The only information included besides the basic blurb of each book is a short interview, when possible, with the writer(s). A cursory look reveals that some are insightful, others not very much. There are longer essays for each of the book series, which are of interest. Great cover concept too.

Criterion came out with a new edition of Chungking Express this week, so I grabbed that. My Wong Kar-Wai collection proceeds apace.


DVDs: Six Feet Under Season 1: I bought them all in the bulk edition, though I've only seen the first two on tv. The first is the best and aside from a straggling plot thread here and there, could have been a stand alone production. I love the quirky black humor, the neurotic characters and the emotional payoffs. The DVD includes a couple of interesting commentaries by the series' creator/writer, as well as a series of interviews with the cast and a making of the opening credits.

Enterprise Season 4: Yes, though there are a few left to review, I've flipped the boxed set. In fact, I've flipped all of Trek. Huh. It's really too bad Enterprise had to be cut short, because I thought the last season was its best. Under producer Manny Cotto, the show started to draw links between its era and TOS' that were a joy to watch, and the characters have almost all matured well. Like TNG and DS9, Enterprise really took off in Season 4. I would gladly have lost 3 seasons of Voyager to get to 7 with this one. The DVD package is a little disappointing though. Yes, there are a few good commentary tracks, deleted scenes and the usual documentary features and outtakes. However, there are no actor profiles, which means 4 of the 7 actors didn't get one. Seems there was space to run through them all on that final disc. Ah well. Still better than what was done for other series.

So now that it's over? You voted thus:
Star Trek comics and novels 18 (34%)
Babylon 5 12 (23%)
Doctor Who 11 (21%)
Other genre shows back to back 8 (15%)
Nothing. Get your life back 3 (5%)

I gotta say, those last three votes made me laugh and laugh. Now, granted, there are more people who don't want comics & novels than do, it still stands out as the option that will disappoint the fewest readers. So we'll try it for a while and see where it goes. If I decide to switch gears in the new year, I will.

Trades: Batman 100: Paul Pope's gorgeous dystopic artwork makes this story of Batman in the year 2039 shine, but I still don't see why it should get an Eisner for best limited series in 2007. Gorgeous, yes. Groundbreaking? Hell no. Still, good attention to detail and real desire to make Batman feel real. The collection includes a story he wrote and drew for Batman Chronicles starring a Jewish Batman in 1939 Germany, as well as sketches and police documents. A good, slick package.

RPGs: Only managed to get one more character rolled up for GURPS Torg, a junkrat living in a postapocalyptic Montreal besieged by killer robots. I'm really glad Julien picked Reign of Steel for inclusion in our Torg game. It's gonna kick shiny metal ass.

New Unauthorized Doctor Who CCG cards: 8 new cards pulled from various non-canonical sources, including the original tv pilot and the Curse of the Fatal Death parody, as well as "reject" cards featuring concepts from Extras and Spaced!

Someone Else's Post of the Week
Just to show that the SBG is not above a good vibrating cosmic rod joke, SallyP gets my vote this week for favorite post. Hey THIS made me smile. And then THIS made me smile some more.


Jack Norris said...

"It's really too bad Enterprise had to be cut short, because I thought the last season was its best."

"Under producer Manny Cotto, the show started to draw links between its era and TOS' that were a joy to watch."

"I would gladly have lost 3 seasons of Voyager to get to 7 with this one."

Emili Bellefleur said...

J'adore Six Feet Under, les personnages sont tellement attachants et "ordinaire". Je suis rendu au milieu de la 2e saison (Il manque des disques à Rogers so va falloir j'achète le reste. Crosseurs), mais apparamment que ça devient MALADE à la 3e saison.


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