Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spaceknight Saturdays: Great Balls of Water!

In our last issue, a Dire Wraith witch unleashed a giant seaweed monster upon the undersea world of Atlantis, an Atlantis infiltrated by Dire Wraiths. At the same time, Namor the Sub-Mariner sent the sensitive 13-year-old companion to Rom, Sybil, to Atlantis inside a bubble blown by a giant goldfish for protection. I'm sure it made sense at the time.

Now she's spotting Wraiths left and right and they want to kill her, but before they can, the giant monster attacks!
The best thing about this full-page spread is that Atlanteans apparently ride dolphins like they were horses. I love that. Poor little deep sea dolphin. Don't they have to go back up to breathe pretty often? Now, if I'm an Atlantean looking for a more fuel-effective mount, do I have other options?
Yes, much nicer. I like the painted finish on that whale shark. What else have you got?
Manta ray chariot or hammerhead mount? So many options! Maybe if I saw how they handled...
Ah yes, well, in battle with seaweed creatures, the whale sharks seem the most stable and least likely to throw you. I'll have one of those. As I was finishing my shopping, you might have noticed Rom and Namor arriving to fight the monster. It doesn't go too well until a random soldier gives Namor permission to destroy the city. Who cares about Heritage when there are lives at stake? (Well, Namor, apparently.) So with cover fire from Rom, the Sub-Mariner starts to spin around the monster to rip it to shreds, taking half of Atlantis with it.
(So when it's not Aquaman, it's the Flash.)

Just because the monster is dispelled, it doesn't mean the threat is eliminated though. There are still Dire Wraiths to find and send to Limbo, not to mention long-winded speeches to give! I mean, we have Rom AND Namor here. It gets a little Shakespearian, let's say. So before going into battle, Rom makes sure to have a little soundcheck.
But they're too late! Sybil has been drowned!
Oh that poor goldfish! Namor avenges it by putting a trident through the Wraith witch while Rom does his thing on her brood. But what about Sybil? Well, Namor's not done.
Can he do that? Apparently so. He changes her DNA into an Atlantean's so that she can breathe water. As the blue returns to her cheeks, she hopes for a brighter future under the waves, with a new family who hopefully haven't had their house destroyed.

And so Rom must forge once again... alone!

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SallyP said...

Oh Namor and his DNA changer! Didn't he try and do that to Sue as well?

I like it when Aquaman rides his giant seahorse. Namor should really try it sometime.