Friday, March 27, 2009

Rom: The Spaceknight Role-Playing Game

As part of my Rom Bonus Material (which I think will continue into next week as well), here are Rom's Marvel Super-Heroes RPG stats from the Gamer's Handbook, volume 3. In case you're following the saga along with Spaceknight Saturdays, I've excised any spoilers.Click to read more clearly. And here's the last paragraph.
The Handbook uses short-hand for the stats, so here they are without abbreviation:
Fighting: INCREDIBLE(40)
Agility: EXCELLENT(20)
Strength: INCREDIBLE(40)
Endurance: MONSTROUS(75)
Reason: EXCELLENT(20)
Intuition: EXCELLENT(20)
Psyche: GOOD(10)
Health: 175
Karma: 50
Resources: AMAZING (50)
Popularity: 20

Everything in MSH is ranked on a scale of Feeble to Unearthly, and the points there help you figure out that Amazing is better than Incredible (sorry Hulk, Spider-Man wins!).

Rom wouldn't be Rom without some Dire Wraiths to fight, so here are their stats, copied from TSR's Dragon Magazine #112 (1986).

Dire Wraiths
Fighting: GOOD(10)
Agility: POOR(4)
Strength: REMARKABLE(30)
Endurance: REMARKABLE(30)
Reason: REMARKABLE(30)
Intuition: TYPICAL(6)
Psyche: GOOD(10)
Health: 74
Karma: 46
Resources: AMAZING (50)

Known Powers:
*Shape-Shifting - Change form for combat, often a Deathwing:
Go Ex Ty Re Re Ty Go
Health: 66
Karma: 46
Fly at Typical speed and breathe fire once per turn for Incredible damage with Typical range.
*Special Attack - Barbed tongue with acid could instantly penetrate human skull. Excellent damage to armor each turn. Monstrous or better material could not be penetrated. Range of one area. Must completely surprise victim or grapple with hold result. Referee should allow dodge or escape roll since hit means instant death. Right after hit, victim turns to dust and Wraith can become perfect duplicate of victim, including memories and voice. Physical abilities become those of new form and lose all abilities except shape-shifting. If more damage taken than new form can take, revert to original form and retain damage.
*Heat Resistance - Half damage from fire- and heat-based attacks. Double damage from cold-based.
*Magic -Females have Monstrous Psyches and Good Reason and can cast spells.

That article also has Hellhounds, Rocketeers, Starshine, a way to create your own random Starknights and 1986 spoilers. It can be found in pdf format at Happy GameMastering!

And Spaceknights... don't forget to emote. You've got a robot-like armor to get through.


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