LXP Returns!

In honor of my just having watched HBO's John Adams, I've brought back the League of Extraordinary Presidents for an appendix... a TV appendix. See, John Adams' place in history might just have been saved by the mini-series, but it's mostly be cemented in TV history. He's the newest in a line of television presidents that seem more witty and well-intentioned than the guys usually sitting in the White House. So for those who want to play LXP - the satirical role-playing game set in the world of U.S. and World politics gone awry - with the added glam of television (the only history we have left, some will say), here you go!

2nd President of the U.S.A.
Safe to say, there wouldn't be a United States of America today if not for John Adams' stubborness. He rubbed people the wrong way so much that in the end, they let him have his Declaration of Independence because it was easier than contradicting him. Few know that some eldritch energy was used in the fabrication of the ink used by some to sign that sacred document, magicks that sold off the After-life's right to the signer's soul. And so, John Adams can't die. He's the resident "rant" of the LXP. Use as grumpy comic relief or as your character of choice!
GRIT: 18
Constitutional Power: His Abigail. Though a convincing speaker and ideas man, he would be nothing without his First Lady, the angelic ghost of whom advises him to this day. When John Adams is about to make a mistake, the GM must allow him to make a test of Can-Do Spirit. If he wins, she appears with crucial opinion and information.
Veto Power: 16

42nd President of the U.S.A. on the West Wing
The former governor of New Hampshire is notable for one important thing: Serving his terms 2 years off every one else. How this absent-minded professor with the political instincts of a shark managed this is his greatest secret, but safe to say the America in his little time bubble seemed a lot more sincerely run than our own.
AURA: 17
GRIT: 12
Constitutional Power: Apocalypse Never. President Bartlett can dip into his pocket universe and pull out all manner of liberal policy with a simple test of Can-Do Spirit, or a well-spoken and entertaining Senior Counsel at -3. Watch out for the Mirror Republicans that sometimes escape it though!
Veto Power: 13

43rd President of the U.S.A. on 24
Having faked his assassination and now sharing his schedule between a black ops unit and the LXP, President Palmer has never been a stranger to doing what he has to do to keep the Nation safe. After all, he's the guy who gave carte blanche to master torturer Jack Bauer.
AURA: 16
GRIT: 15
Constitutional Power: The Bourne Factor. No, not the title of the next movie, but that special quality that allows President Palmer to kick some serious, serious ass. We knew he had it the minute he put a baseball bat through his own SUV to prove a point. At any time, he can spend a Veto to use his Fists to resolve an Aura, Grit or Can-Do Spirit test.
Veto Power: 17

44th President of the U.S.A. on Commander in Chief
What if McCain had been elected president and then died two years in? Well, Mackenzue Allen may be a relatively inexperienced Republican, but she's no Sarah Palin. And we mean that in a good way. Showing a lot of grit by going against her own party and not stepping down to let the Speaker of the House take the Oval, she was happily received as the League of Extraordinary Presidents' first female member. Now if she can only stop Kennedy and Clinton from hitting on her incessantly.
GRIT: 15
Constitutional Power: The Power of True Grit. Just like President Palmer can use Fists to do anything, Mac can spend a Veto to use her Grit to resolve any kind of test, at +1 against a male opponent (or the World, really).
Veto Power: 10

We at LXP Games hope this supplement for the award-winning LXP RPG has been of use to you and that you will continue to support our products. Also on sale this month: The Flame That Burns Twice as Bright - from Garfield to Taylor; and Mars Attacks - an adventure scenario for President Nicholson or "Your-own-presidents".


rob! said...

The West Wing's alternate history freaked me out--for years, I assumed that Pres. Bartlett took over after Bush I or Clinton, and that was the series' one divergence from actual world history.

But then they started bringing in other actors as former Presidents who never were and it just got WEIRD!

Siskoid said...

The Sorkiniverse is like the Mirror universe in Star Trek. Its moral center is somewhere afield of our own world's.

Jeff R. said...

The Sorkinverse also holds its elections in Winter Olympics years, not Summer Olympics/Leap Years.

My best guess at a point of departure: Spiro Agnew holds on to office until well into Watergate, (or Watergate breaks faster, hitting before Agnew's out) and you get a slightly different 28th amendment out of the crisis that included that two-year shift to limit the amount of time the Speaker had to serve unelected...

Siskoid said...

You've thought about this way too much.

Nizbel said...

Haha, I love the LXP.

Doctor Mi said...

How about movie presidents:
President James Marshall from Air Force One,
President Thomas Whitmore from Independance Day,
I'm sure many more will come to your great mind.

Siskoid said...

Morgan Freeman from Deep Impact comes readily to mind. President Nicholson from Mars Attacks.

Except none of those movies were actually good!

chiasaur11 said...

What about President Max?

He's the only Rabbit-thing with the guts to authorize nuking Krypton!

rob! said...

There was that Bush-ish guy in X2, and Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks!


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