Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spaceknight Saturdays: Forging an Alliance

Look! Mike Zeck cover!

So we learned yesterday that while the Dire Wraiths have initiated the Worldmerge that will bring Wraithworld and its black hole sun to our solar system, the mutant inventor Forge has been sitting on a manufacturable neutralizer that could be used to arm the human race against the alien witches.

But why?

Before we get into that, let's check in with Rom and his lady love Brandy Clark, recently taken out of the Starshine armor and left in an apparently very restful coma. But wait, she stirs!
Who else was expecting a tantrum?
Rom... His reflective armor a bane to women everywhere who haven't had time to put their morning make-up on...

Speaking of reflection, Rom goes out for his usual super-powered tai chi routine.
No really, there's this exact scene in Jet Li's Tai Chi Master. Though I think maybe Jet clears his mind a bit more.

Then it's off to Dallas to ask Forge to chip in against the Wraiths. Why you won't share your toys, dude? Well, see, Forge's neutralizer also takes away a super-human's powers (like it did Storm), and his own personal nightmare is that the government will turn against all the Marvel heroes and zap them into uselessness.
The big question is: What does Forge know about Hawkeye, we don't?

As Wraiths start attacking in the street outside Forge's high-rise, Rom's passionate plea finally convinces Forge that he has to take action.
But that action will have to wait for next week! Sorry, kids!


Andrew said...

Hawkeye's the least of it. Look behind Iron Man's arm, at the silhouette next to the guy withy Spidey-eyes. Tell me that's not Batman.

Anonymous said...

I like Hulk's face: "hey, buddies. Do you remember when i used to destroy your armor divisions crying "punny soldiers"? No bad memories, compadres, je, je..."


Teebore said...

So does this mean Steve Ditko has drawn, of all characters, Forge? Awesome.

Siskoid said...

Andrew: Hellcat? Black Panther?

Anon: Payback's a bitch.

Teebore: An unlikely pairing, when you think about it, but Forge's office space is a lot like Dr. Strange's nether dimensions so...

The Dude said...

hey Siskoid

i just found a random ROM post here to in order to send you a message. just wanted to let you know i finally added a long over due blog role to my site which includes yours of course. not likely too many people who know about mine don't already know about yours but it can't hurt.
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your assistance and patience with me has been much appreciated. on the off chance you ever make it out my way i owe ya lunch.