Superman's Strangest Team-Ups Week

Superman's been around for more than 70 years now, which means he's probably had the chance to hang out with just about everybody, so these are really only SOME of Superman's strangest team-ups. The ones that came from left field, that don't seem like natural matches, or were just plain bizarre.

Let's jump right into the deep end. My first entry in the subgenre is Superman Meets the Quik Bunny (1987), an epic tale by Mike Carlin, Carmine Infantino and Dick Giordano (as edited by Joe Orlando) which, from its pedigree, you can tell will be a classic in Super-shilling.

And it is! The Quik Bunny isn't just flying around like a long-eared helicopter, pushing product. He's the leader of the Quik Qlub, a quartet of kids who might as well be the New Green Team or the Young Challengers of the Unknown.
After Metropolis is hit by hard weather, the Quik Bunny convinces them to use their abilities to help Superman deal with the crisis. And among those abilities, there's the kid-designed Quik Qlubhouse which can become a helicopter, a jet, a boat and even... a balloon!
The big bad of this story is (cough cough) the Weather Wizard (cough), who's going around the world desecrating various landmarks - from toppling the Washington monument to destroying the Great Wall of China with hail. Along the way, you and the Quik Qlub get to help Superman by navigating a number of pencil & paper games, such as coded messages, connect the dots, observation games and mazes.
Bet you didn't know Metropolis was a regular American Venice.

Each of the kids brings his or her skill to bear in turn, and the Quik Bunny gets into the action thanks to his chocolate syrup-fueled hyperactivity.
At each pit stop, Superman tells the Qlub that it's too dangerous for them there, but he's also pretty good at patronizingly letting them help. Either that of he really needs help with his geography. Still, it seemed like he was having a hard time fighting that mummy before the Bunny unraveled it.
I gotta admit. That's pretty cool.

It all comes to a head in China when the Quik Qlub decide to have a commercial break.
A commercial break that gives the Quik Bunny the solution! Don't forget to tell your mom that sugar improves your grades! (You've already forgotten, haven't you?) The Qlub quickly constructs a reflective sheet of metal that looks like the Quik Bunny, which sends Weather Wizard's lightning back at him. While he's stunned, the Bunny quikly [sic] substitute his wand for a straw.
Any idea what the Weather Wizard's IQ must be? And then everybody lived happily ever after and drank lots of chocolate milk.

I'll put this out there, and you can disagree if you like, but this is without a doubt the best DC/Nestlé co-production, far outshining Wonder Woman Adopts the Gerber Baby and The Flash Has a Nespresso.


De said...

I have to admire the sacrifices you make for this blog. My brain would probably have a Landru-like meltdown before reaching the end.

Doctor Mi said...

I love it when your reviews are done with your unique tongue-firmly-planted-into-cheek style. However, you omitted the Dr Who banner:

Final rating: CRAP!

Christian Zamora said...

For some reason, I'm starting to dislike NesQuick :P

Siskoid said...

Nestlé haters should check out their Wikipedia page for all the juicy slave labor controversies.

Bill D. said...

Will we be seeing any of his team-ups with the Tandy Whiz Kids and their amazing TRS-80?

Siskoid said...

Despite today's post, I do have standards.

Not so much strange as lame.

But watch the skies before the end of 2009 for a Supershill series!

Siskoid said...

Despite today's post, I do have standards.

Not so much strange as lame.

But watch the skies before the end of 2009 for a Supershill series!


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