Poll: What Should Replace Spaceknight Saturdays?

Check out the sidebar for an important poll about the future of this blog's features. It'll be up just one week, so make your vote count! (You may vote for more than one.) After 85 weeks of Spaceknight Saturdays (and loads of Rom-related extras besides), I've run out of Spaceknight material. So what should take over on Saturdays (or other day of the week) as a regular comics feature? Here are the possibilities, in alphabetical order:

Arak Son of Thunder: An American Indian crosses over to Medieval Europe. Hilarity ensues. Ok, maybe not hilarity. But Conan-like stuff at least. And some very nice Ernie Colon art. I don't think DC is close to collecting these either. Required number of weeks: 52 (a perfect year)

Godzilla: Unlike Rom, it WAS collected, so there's no imperative to do a weekly Godzilla comics feature, but as I'm a big fan of the giant radioactive lug, I might have fun doing it. We could even take on the Dark Horse series once the Marvel stuff is done. Weeks: 37

The Hands of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu: The comic can't be collected because of copyright problems regarding Shang-Chi's father, Fu Manchu, and related characters. Since every Friday is Kung Fu Friday in my home, I'd probably move the feature there and Movie Marquee Fridays to Saturdays. Weeks: 115

Micronauts: Another comic that can't be collected because half the characters are based on a toy line. Another feature it shares with Rom is writer Bill Mantlo and that's another reason why I'm interested. Weeks: At least 63

What If?: I had this feature going, once upon a time, but it was sporadic at best. Time to make it official? (Even if this doesn't win the poll, fans should remember that in some alternate dimension, it did.) Weeks: At least 176

Strange Series Medley: There are some shorter series that could be deserving of some attention - U.S.1, Strikeforce Morituri, Atari Force (not necessarily in that order). They wouldn't last as long, but would make for more variety. Weeks: 12+36+26 (74)

I have access to all or most of the relevant issues of these series. Use the comments to show your work. Next Saturday: We reveal the results. The week after that: A new adventure begins!


Anonymous said...

Godzilla all the way. Though an ongoing What If feature would also please.

Nik said...

Tough call between Godzilla and What If, but I went with If. Now if only there was a What If Godzilla story....

chiasaur11 said...

I asked myself that question as well.

Then I noticed the "You may choose more than one option" indication.

What If and Godzilla. Life is good.

snell said...

Shang Chi.
Shang Chi.
Shang Chi.

googum said...

Purely for selfish reasons, Strikeforce: Morituri. I read the first year or so of the book as a kid, then fell off it, so I'm not sure where it ended.

Siskoid said...

Shang-Chi fans can immediately look at the first Shang-Chi story. I talked about it HERE.

Servo said...

I would vote for What If and/or Micronauts.

What if is just one of those series that can be pretty interesting and goofy.

Micronauts - Love Mantlo and Broderick's work on that series. Another good example of taking a toy concept and turning it into something more.

Moonrock said...

I vote for Arak, Son of Thunder! It's a very under-appreciated series and think it would be fun since it doesn't seem to get much internet love.

Austin Gorton said...

What If: Because I enjoy your take on these issues.

Godzilla: because I love Godzilla.

Micronauts: because I love me some Bill Mantlo, and it seems like a worthy follow up to Rom (Mantlo, toy-related rights issues, some MU guest stars).

No matter what wins though, I'll probably be happy.

smacky said...

The Hands of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu

I would LOVE you to do this one!

Then Godzilla.

Then Power Man and Iron Fist!

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I voted for Godzilla (because it's frakin' GODZILLA!), What If, and Shang-Chi.

SigmaTheta said...

Micronauts - love 'em.
Shang Chi - amazing, yes please.

Side note - this blog is great.

SFF said...

Love the Micronauts. Bill Mantlo. Bug, Acroyear, Huntarr, Devil. I loved all of the toy and non-toy related characters. There some great stories and issues along the way.

I loved the one with Man Thing. I think that was #7. It would be great to see you go into that series and some of that early Michael Golden work too. I think that was his name.

The original Godzilla was cool. I loved the classic Godzilla vs Devil Dinosaur smackdown. : )

Anonymous said...


JdR said...

There is a lot of What If commentary out there. Go obscure I say - the strange stuff, or Shang Chi.

ps keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Shang Chi. Did you check Siskoid's review of issue 1? He fights a gorilla. A GORILLA ON FIRE.

Holy crap! That series needs celebrating.

I also agree that What If? has been done. And since it's a series of self contained issues, there's no chance for discussions of character development, for example.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

What If and Strikeforce Morituri definately - and include Electric Undertow as the end of that Strikeforce Series.

Cabin said...

What If !
What If !
What If !
Did I mention What If ? Seriously, it's the only Marvel mag I ever bought with any regularity.
P.S. Great blog, don't ever stop!

Anonymous said...

WHAT IF "What if" replaced Spaceknight Saturdays? That's what me and the Watcher votes!


Prime Director said...

What If? was a great series.

I particularly enjoyed What If Iron Man was a traitor? and What If Steve Rogers refused to give up being Captain America?.

Jack Norris said...

First choice: Shang Chi
Second choice: What If
Third choice: the weird medley one.

Don Julian said...

Nice blog!
Do Shang Chi please.
Don Julian


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