Year Three

Thanks to all your kind support (and my sometimes fevered brain), this blog has been going on for 3 years already. That's 2324 posts in 1097 days!

Year 3 Highlights
-As you know, Spaceknight Saturdays ended after 85 weeks, and you're in the process of voting for the next regular SBG feature.
-Speaking of regular SBG features, Year 3 saw the start of one long-running series in Cat of the Geek, and some not so long-lived features such as Friday Nightmare Fuel and the Many Faces of Wonder Woman. I'm hoping Movie Marquee Fridays lasts a little longer than those. More sporadic bits like Time Capsules and What If? will go on into the new year (the latter might be voted to weekly status, it seems).
-I cranked up coverage of Doctor Who with an Understanding Doctor Who series that dovetailed into annotations of Series 4. I'm pretty proud of that material.
-It was an article titled The 10 Strangest GURPS Books that broke my comments record (currently 37) thanks to traffic from a number of GURPS writers. I salute them once more.
-Joined the RPG Bloggers Network and tried to do an RPG-related post once a week to warrant the association. Not sure it upped my traffic all that much, maybe because I don't ever mention D&D 4.0 (not in a good way, at least), but I do enjoy writing about role-playing theory more than any given system. From the small number of comments these posts attract, they may not be reaching the right audience though.
-Changed my avatar for a second time this year, bringing it in line with the blog's banner.
-And I started a new blog, Hyperion to a Satyr, that picks apart every scene in Hamlet in a large number of film (and comics etc.) adaptations. After 40 posts, I'm still at the tail end of Act I Scene 2, but it's rewarding work (if not often comment-worthy). I'm just glad I've been able to offer at least one post a week on H2S without sacrificing anything on SBG.

So What's Next?
-Still keeping a daily count through Star Trek reviews. The last year has covered the longest comics series (Gold Key and DC's TOS and TNG books), and what's left from DC, Malibu, Marvel and IDW is much shorter. Should last about through Year 4, but not much longer, I don't think.
-This Week in Geek's losing a feature starting next Sunday. I liked to give other bloggers publicity with Someone Else's Post of the Week, but I find myself less and less able to explore and discover new blogs, which has put the feature on repeat now for a while. It's almost always someone from my blog roll, so click at random and give them some love. They all deserve it. In its stead, I'll use my own backlog of articles and - taking my cue from the Absorbascon many moons ago - to institute Neglected Post of the Week. This will be one of my own (usually, but not necessarily) that has gotten no comments, but still deserves attention. Maybe it's an old article from before you read the blog. Maybe it just fell through the cracks. Maybe you hate it. In any case, I'll be begging for comments for them.

Thanks again for stopping by over the last year (or more). I wouldn't do this if I didn't think I could entertain you guys. Let's try for another, shall we?


Pout said...

3 years already?

Sheesh y'all!


Alden said...

Congrats for such a terrific blog that I have enjoyed greatly since I discovered it about a year back. I look forward to seeing the posts that will refer me to things I might have missed when I went over the backlog of information.

You mentioned that the Star Trek comics would be done near the end of 2010, so will there be more daily Star Trek related posts after that? It seems as though the novels won't be done by then, so maybe there could be a larger focus on reviewing them (maybe two novels a week, but certainly not one a day for your sanity's sake).

Siskoid said...

Certainly, I'd keep doing them one a week, but I doubt I could do more than that.

Austin Gorton said...

Congrats on year three and looking forward to year four! Onwards and upwards!

googum said...

This is one of the first blogs I check when I start my day; the Trek stuff alone would make sure of that, but you bring a lot more. Congratulations, and looking forward to much more!

Jon K said...

Congratulations, Siskoid!

Bill D. said...

Happy bloggyversary!

Bully said...

Congrats on Year Three! I think you are legally obligated to have a Spider-Man appearance and a costume change in your third year.

Keep the good stuff coming!

ShadowWing Tronix said...

If you really wanted to extend yourself in the Star Trek department, there's all the webcasts like New Voyages, Intrepid, and Farragut to go with.

Congratulations on three years of awesome. Keep it up!

SigmaTheta said...

I came here for the Doctor Who CCG and stayed for the fascinating daily blog entries!
It's my first read of the day, and then I usually come back later for one of your links.

Congrats on 3 years!


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