Thursday, March 25, 2010

Live and Let Die: d12

Being the fifth profile in the polyhedral life of our favorite dice. This week: The d12.Poor d12... Probably the least loved dice, outpaced even by little d4 because people keep confusing it with a d20 and throwing it away in a fit of rage. What CAN you do with a 12-sided die that couldn't be done better by 2d6, huh? That's what us d-sixers wanna know! (Ooh, this just got political.)

Real name: Dodecahedron
Nickname: Why would it have one?
Uses: Random Hour Generator. d12 System Core. Axe and two-handed sword damage. In many systems, the highest skill rank. Pokéthulhu. Thousand Suns.
Beloved because: Geeks overrate things others underrate, ergo, the geekiest of the geeks like the d12. The only dice left you can spin an open license around.
Hated because: Politics. Not a Hit Die. Gets lower numbers than 2d6. Too easy to roll.
Bonus niche tattoo:


Dan said...

"What CAN you do with a 12-sided die that couldn't be done better by 2d6, huh?"

1. Roll a 1.

2. Generate a truly random number between 1 and 12.

Just sayin'.

JeffR23 said...

For #2, take two d6s of different colors (let's say red and white.) Roll them. If the red die is even, the result is the white die. If it's odd, the reuslt is the white die+6.

Siskoid said...

Dan: I believe your tongue-in-cheek meter may be set to off ;)

Jeff: You're the man.

Skiriki said...

Not a Hit Die.

Au contraire!

D&D3.5e -- barbarian HD. ;)

Siskoid said...

Hahaha, 3.5 LOL!

Anonymous said...

I hear the D12 system is very popular in the Andromeda Galaxy.