Dial H for Halloweek

No, Robby doesn't turn into monsters, but he does try on three different costumes! And that's what Halloween kind of is really about. With this issue, Dial H returns to the three heroes format and Robby goes up against the frankly ridiculous-looking Dr. Cyclops - either a) the villain with the doomsday stare or b) the Master of Lenses! Either way, he wouldn't make it to a second appearance. How about those three dialed heroes though? Any potential?

Case 9: House of Mystery #164
Dial Holder: Robby Reed
Dial Type: The Big Dial
Dialing: The rules for the dial keep varying from dial-up to dial-up. Now, though Robby knows his superhero name, there's no guarantee he knows what powers he has instinctively. This is the case for Super Nova, an identity that forces Robby to think about what a supernova is and what powers might fit a superhero with that name.
Name: Zip Tide (fun in a reserve Teen Titans kind of way)
Costume: A bare-shouldered, gleaming wet hero for the slash fic age, Zip Tide has foamy hair and a bold, wave-like cut to his jib. I make fun, but it works in a 70s LSH kind of way.
Powers: Zip Tide can turn his body into water (of a greater volume than his flesh and blood self). He can move quickly across water currents by turning into a wave, is cool enough to smother flames without turning into steam, and can throw annoying water pellets besides.
Sighted: In Zenith City. Zip Tide stops Dr. Cyclops' attempt at that old classic, the armored car robbery.
Possibilities: Zip Tide has a youthful feel and powers we haven't seen a lot of, which I think would make him a good fit for either the Legion or the Titans. The name fits the latter better - and he could have helped Aqualad a great deal - or perhaps some elements-related B-heroes team.
Integration Quotient: 90% (real potential for a teen hero here)
Name: Super Nova (we do have a Supernova in the DCU now, so the name works)
Costume: Adam Strange with extra fins and some fiery extras. Not great, especially that ridiculous "butterfly" mask that looks more like fancy dress than superhero wear.
Powers: Super Nova can fly at superspeed and manages to use that speed to create tornadoes to save people falling from a great height (à la Flash). He can also radiate atomic energy that melts him out of an ice trap. His powers seem to wane in darkness (though the fault may be in his radiation power).
Sighted: In Zenith City. Super Nova attempts to stop Dr. Cyclops from robbing the diamond exchange, but fails.
Possibilities: There's already a hero by that name (Booster Gold's ancestor), and this one's rubbish in comparison. He reminds me of Gold Key's Dr. Solar, and not in a good way. Maybe just as a Silver Age hero Booster might have stolen the Supernova name from?
Integration Quotient: 5% (aside from the name, no reason to keep this guy around)
Name: Robby the Super-Robot (is the "Super" enough to keep the lawyers away?)
Costume: The look is definitely as primitive as it is monochrome. The sinewy arms and legs are interesting, but the simian face less so, especially with the nose of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz on there.
Powers: Robby Robot can do literally anything, if only he can reach his control panel in time. Aside from his obvious robotic strength and toughness, he must activate each power manually from that panel on his chest. Among the powers used, we have rocket-propelled flight, a sonar/radar sense, the ability to change his molecular structure (as a wooden robot, he can shoot "splinter spears"), a tracking scent, and the ability to extend his limbs telescopically.
Sighted: In Zenith City. Robby finally captured Dr. Cyclops in his cavern hide-out after failing to stop him from robbing an art museum.
Possibilities: Lacking the sophistication of the Metal Men and other robot heroes, it's doubtful that Robby the Super-Robot would fit in the current DC Universe. He's barely a step up from the All-Star Squadron's robot butler! What really kills him though is that he walking, flying deus ex machina with no logical limit to his powers. Lazy, even for this strip.
Integration Quotient: 5% (he goes berserk exactly once and is put down by the Silver Age Justice League)

Mmm... I don't think I've found my Halloween costume yet.



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