Friday, November 26, 2010

Reign of the Supermen #37: Lethargic Lad

Source: 1st appearance - Lethargic Comics Weakly #1 (1988)
Type: Analog/PasticheI love me some Lethargic Lad. The brainchild of fellow Canuck Greg Hyland, Lethargic Lad is both parody and an analog of Superman (note the double "L"s). Based in Infantino City, Lethargic Lad is really Larry Ladhands, who is rich and lives in a mansion above the Lad Cave. If this sounds more like Batman, let me reassure you with a cover:
Many of his adventures mirror Superman's as well, and the most important members of his supporting cast are versions of Lethargic Lad based on the Reign of the Supermen issues (they'll get play in THIS Rein too). I have most of the original issues, but hadn't realized Lethargic Lad was now a webcomic. Looks like I have some reading to do!


Paul C said...

Love your Reign of the Supermen series. Great stuff. Thanks loads for your comments on my Amalgam blog. Feel free to use as many of them as you want.

Siskoid said...

Awesome Paul, thanks!