Task Force X Retirement Files 012-015

The Freedom of Information Act keeps on giving, and I give right along with it...
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Subject: Thinker I
Profile: Classic Atom villain
Powers: Helmet that grants all manner of psionic powers.
Mission: Rescue Hawk (of Hawk and Dove) from Nicaragua or else eliminate him before he puts more contra egg on President Reagan's face.
Chance of survival going in: Fair. A classic Silver Age villain who, though he could have used a makeover, still could have fit the modern era better than, say, Brain Storm and his Amazing Conehead Helmet.
Retirement: DECEASED(?). He is savaged by the Weasel as things start to go really wrong for this mission. (Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1)
Final report: His last wish survived in his helmet and was carried out by Rick Flag (see File 014). Later, the Suicide Squad made use of a new Thinker, Cliff Carmichael, who used Clifford DeVoe's technology. Strangely, DeVoe showed up alive but dying of cancer 10 years after his death (our time) in the pages of the Flash where he finally passed away.

Subject: Psi
Profile: Lame Supergirl villain
Powers: All manner of psionic powers.
Mission: Rescue Hawk from Nicaragua or else eliminate him before President Reagan has to testify to not remembering anything again.
Chance of survival going in: Low. A terrible costume and generic powers are just the icing on the top when you also consider that she was a pre-Crisis Supergirl villain and that those stories now never happened! Though Power Girl is now the hero of record for those battles, Psi was still a character without a home... or a hope.
Retirement: DECEASED. Shot in the back by a member of the Rocket Red Brigade. (Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1)
Final report: Psi is well and truly dead, and has appeared as one of the Black Lantern Squadies who attacked the Secret Six.

Subject: Mr. 104
Profile: Obscure Doom Patrol villain
Powers: Transforming into any element.
Mission: Rescue Hawk from Nicaragua or else eliminate him before he becomes the next Oliver North.
Chance of survival going in: Low. With very few appearances to his name, Mr. 104 was jailed after a battle with Robotman and Changeling in the pages of Teen Titan Spotlight. He's got an interesting look and cool powers, but with no street cred, he seemed primed to go. But for a character who can turn into any element, can death ever be permanent?
Retirement: BELIEVED DECEASED. Pulverized by a member of the Rocket Red Brigade. (Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1)
Final report: In time (12 of our years), Mr. 104 would reintegrate his molecules and return to crime. He has since appeared in Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant, Joker's Last Laugh and Superman.

Subject: Weasel
Profile: Lame Firestorm villain
Powers: Serial killer who thinks he's a weasel and wears a clawed costume.
Mission: Rescue Hawk from Nicaragua or else eliminate him before he is executed on "national" tv to make America look bad. So sayeth the Gipper!
Chance of survival going in: Low. Hunting season seems to be always on when it comes to Firestorm villains (as John Ostrander writes both properties), and as a one-off and ill-matched foe for the Nuclear Man, his number was bound to come up. It is doubtful Waller would have really released this crazy serial killer.
Retirement: DECEASED. Zapped through the chest by the Thinker's dying wish, stored in his psi-helmet. (Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1)
Final report: His body was seen to be reanimated by a Black Lantern ring in Blackest Night. Even if he were to return, he's lost the rights for the name to a Damian Wayne villain.

Now let me wash this early Erik Larsen art from my eyes... See you next week when I open the file cabinet on the monthly series again.


Robert said...

I think Mr. 104 will have to change his name to Mr. 112, or something like that.

I would think such a power would be in great demand in physics research, although it might be dangerous to change your body into an element whose half-life is measured in fractions of a second.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

on the matter of Mr.420 . .i mean 104 he fits the title of one of my favorite TV shows, "Breaking Bad". i used to have this issue it turned into a real blood bath even more so then typical Squad missions. certainly action packed but yeah i would also say that the art wasn't top notch but i've seen much worse. worse being the Steve Dikto art on the ROM Spaceknight series.

Max said...

I gotta say....I kinda like Psi's costume better than the ones worn by the guys on this page :)

But yeah.....hopelessly doomed character, especially at that moment in time.


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