Friday, March 25, 2011

Reign of the Supermen #156: Telekinetic Superboy

Source: New Adventures of Superboy #11 (1980)
Type: TransformationThis is probably a coincidence, but...

Connor's "tactile telekinesis" wasn't the first time a Superboy exhibited a telekinetic power with a dubious name. New Adventures #11 tells the story of a Luthor super-weapon gone wrong that gives Superboy the strange new power of "bio-magnetism", which allows him to move things with his mind (it's especially good at moving them towards him). Of course, Connor never used his tactile TK in quite so creepy a manner.
Ultimately, the power turns into a "magnetic curse" as Clark's bedroom, a copse of trees and almost his mother get stuck to his hide and he is forced to fly into space before he gets much fatter. It's all part of a trap to guide Superboy to a black hole that can suck the magnetic power right out of him, which Lex hopes will then suck in the Boy of Steel. Even in 1980, Superboy's adventures used Silver Age science, so he was able to use centrifugal force to escape the event horizon.

So did the creators of the new Superboy read/remember this story? You make the call!

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LiamKav said...

Wait... so Superboy became a Katamari?