Friday, June 24, 2011

Reign of the Supermen #247: Superman - Alien Hunter

Source: Superman vs. Aliens #3 (1995)
Type: Off-canon seriesHow do you mix Superman and the Alien together? Like this: Superman finds a devastated Argo City floating in space, and there he meets an alternate version of his cousin Kara (also above) fighting a nest of Aliens. Soon, his costume has been ripped to shreds, and he's down to an armband (lucky Kara had a spare spacesuit then), but not before he's sent some Kryptonians back to Earth in a LexCraft. Of course, these guys all have chest bursters coming out of their, uhm, chests, and Lois Lane pretty much has to throw the Aliens out an airlock one by one. In the end, Kara seemingly gives her life to destroy Argo and the Aliens (she's seen fleeing alone in a lifepod/sequel machine) and Supes returns to the LexCorp space station in the nick of time to put his arm between Alien teeth and Lois.
The end.


Dale Bagwell said...

This was a nice story. Did you read the Batman/Aliens one by Ron Marz and Bernie Wrightson? That's a really good piece of work too!

Siskoid said...

Not yet. Ron Marz doesn't inspire confidence, but I'll have a peek at it.