Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reign of the Supermen #251: All-Star Superman's Inspiration

Source: Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, documentary (2011)
Type: Real life inspirationThere's a section of Sequart's Grant Morrison documentary, Talking with Gods, in which Morrison and Mark Waid tell the story (so it's corroborated) of how All-Star Superman was born. It seems they both saw this guy dressed as Superman walk by and sit on a small hill to watch the trains go by. Not some fat cosplayer either. The guy looked the part. And when they approached him, he looked back, calm and relaxed, just like on the cover of All-Star Superman #1. He also interviewed him about Lex and Lois and Batman, and the mysterious guy thoughtfully answered every question. We don't know how much of what he said actually found itself in the book, but his attitude is definitely in there. What a strange story.

BONUS: Superman as drawn by Grant Morrison in his notebooks (also from the film):
Based on that, I'd be curious to see a project both written and drawn by the modern Morrison.

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Anonymous said...

I'm calling it: Morrison (or Waid, but probably Morrison) will someday do a story in which Superman finds himself on Earth-Prime and sits down to watch some trains. You know the guy can't resist breaking the fourth wall in the other direction.