Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday Snaps: Halloween Villains

As promised, here are costume pictures from this year's Halloween party. Or should I say partIES. There was a phenomenon at work this year that I call Schrodinger's Party, in which two crowds fail to mix properly. Simply put, there were the people who understood the costumes below, and then there were the people who didn't. Even when explained. The theme was Villains. I will only report on the geeky ones.

Star TrekHere's mine. True to mine own self, I went for something obscure, but easy to conjure up. I was Mirror Spock during the mirror events of City on the Edge of Forever, which I imagine would have happened to the Mirror crew too, and as in our universe, Edith Keeler must die. In this case, however, Mirror Spock was driving the truck.

Doctor Who
Isabelle score a lot of points by coming as a creepy Weeping Angel. Gah! Don't blink, guys.

My favorite comic book-related costume has to be Marty's as MODOK. Dude cut off his entire body just to make it work!
Ludger came as the Riddler chilling at a ski lodge. He's been playing a LOT of Arkham City lately. That's all I can hear coming from the downstairs appartment.
Renée went for Roxy, one of the evil exes from Scott Pilgrim. She went and won herself a prize for sexiest costume too (but the competition was fierce, as you'll see.)
And Julien came in a pretty cool homemade Shredder costume. Cleverly done when you look at it closely.

Speaking of clever, St-Pierre came as the fabled grue from the old computer text game, Zork. As the Weeping Angel's boyfriend, they made a particularly terrifying duo in the dark.
Furn was there as Punch-Out's King Hippo, doing the complete opposite of last year's gorilla suited Robot Monster.

Movies and TV
So while the sexy votes ultimately came down in favor of Roxy, mine probably went to Nath and Josée as Kill Bill's Gogo and Elle, respectively. I mean, COME ON!
And here's Isabel's Carmen Sandiego, elusively slumming it in other people's pictures (here with evil goth doll Amelie). Never could capture Carmen alone in the frame.
At one point, I caught Statler and Waldorf on the balcony (where else?) as incarnated by Xavier and Fred. We did need someone to laugh at the *other* crowd.

So that was our Halloween, just a quantum step away from another one where they broke a kitchen table, the one that was crashed by three guys in morphsuits for all of 10 minutes, and where being a Villain apparently involved an "evil" make-up job and absolutely no concept. I'm sure they had fun, in their own way, but we can't know unless we open Schrodinger's Party and that would ruin the experiment.


Martin Gray said...

You chaps are so lucky, Hallowe'en seems such fun in the States. In the UK, if you're over ten it's pretty much a case of Forget It. So I've never been to a costume party (why are Hallowe'en costumes not necessarily spooky?).

Anyyway, great work to you and all your mates. Your costume is indeed very specific, I fear I'd have missed the reference.


Teebore said...

I remain jealous that you can actually pull off themed costumes with your friends; I'm lucky we can get my group of friends to dress up, period, for a party.

No costume me for this year, unfortunately, as I eschewed the annual party for a murder mystery dinner at a bed-and-breakfast (well, I played a doctor, but it wasn't much of a costume). Tons of fun though.

Siskoid said...

Martin: Canada, but same difference.

Martin Gray said...

My apologies ... in my head, it's one big Hallowe'en party on the North American continent!

Señor Editor said...

Good costumes all around!
I dunno, maybe it's an influence of the recent "How I met your mother" post... but I really thought you look kinda like Ted Mosby with a beard, Siskoid.

Siskoid said...

I wish!

But I'll admit to Ted being the closest to me in personality.

I used to hang out with a Barney too. Mannerisms and all.