Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kung Fu Fridays in December '11

New month, new poster, and something a little different over the holiday season. Yes, it's a KFF special event - the Van Dammathon! Some of the gang aren't going very far for Christmas, so we're going to do a noon-to-midnight showing of seven Van Damme films, certainly enough to have Jean-Claude show up on one of our posters. The date hasn't been decided yet, nor the exact order of the films, but we're planning on: Bloodsport, Streetfighter, Universal Soldier, Double Team, Sudden Death, JCVD and Hard Target. I might even tweet through the whole thing. Hey, maybe we should make Belgian waffles! Anyone? Anyone?

But of course, there are three regularly scheduled Fridays in December, in which I'll present a trio of Shaolin movies:

Shaolin Soccer - I've never seen the Stephen Chow comedy classic, but I hear it's good fun. Soccer + Kung Fu + comedy... What could go wrong? I'm surprised it didn't spawn a ton of Shaolin sports movies, à la Air Bud.

Shaolin - Another recent epic set in the Warlords era (it's the historical territory that seems all the rage), it stars the always impeccable Andy Lau plus KFF favorites Wu Jing and Nicholas Tse, with a special appearance by Jackie Chan. And don't worry about the latter's trademark hair, he wears a skull cap throughout the movie. (Because I know you care.)

The Shaolin Prince - AKA Death Mask of the Ninja AKA Iron Fingers of Death... titles I'm sure have very little to do with the picture. The back of the DVD promises twin brothers marked for death, a fire-fisted assassin and a magic sword that exorcises demons. I'm in!

If you're in the area, just show up! If you're not, the capsule reviews will turn up on the following Sunday!


Moriarty said...

But... you're forgetting about such classic cinema as LIONHEART. :)

Siskoid said...

Cough cough.

I own it though, it's on the 4-film set I got for Hard Target and Sudden Death (along with The Quest).

There just isn't time in a day to watch EVERYTHING.

Time Cop? Cyborg? Kickboxer? Double Impact?

Señor Editor said...

Ah, sweet!
Time Cop... I even remember the shitty SNES game that went with it and the terrible controls it had. Least coordinated (though the highest-jumping) Van Damme ever.