Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reign of the Supermen #400: Superman Balloons

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Type: ObjectsTo all our American friends, a most Happy Thanksgiving. It's also the end of Reign of the Supermen's daily run (becomes a weekly Saturday feature starting this weekend)! Both are causes for a little cheer, and what says cheer more than balloons! We turn first to that venerable helium-filled tradition, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for some truly massive Superman balloons. 1987's above is nice, but check out these vintage blow-ups from 1940:
And 1966:
Which is not to say Superman balloons weren't used in actual Superman stories, because they were. The following is probably less than exhaustive...
In Adventure Comics #208 (1955), for example, Superboy covers up sightings of a "flying boy" by inflating his own indestructibly stretchable costumes with super-lung power, making LIKE a balloon.
In the very next issue (Adventure 209), the Superboy Week Fair unveils the Superboy blimp!
In Superman #81 (1953), Superman blows into his own suit, fills it with phosphorescent mollusk shells, and lights up the whole city under threat from a power outage.
And Super-Friends # 9 (2009) shows that the tradition is still alive as the Super-Friends break out the super-balloons (with cameo by Super-Turtle!) for Superman's birthday.

Maybe you have another favorite super-balloon story my cursory research didn't find? Let us know. And then, it's back here for more Reign on Saturday AND make sure you swing by Monday for a celebratory It's-Stopped-Reigning contest!


Martin Gray said...

That mollusc business is priceless, so madly random. I've just been trawling the Grand Comics Database for another blimp story I remember, but it seems not to have been cover-featured. Or I imagined it.

And after seeing the cover for Adventure Comics #274 for the first time, I'm too freaked out to go on ... the Kents more appalled by their son's shirking of responsibility than by the terrifying monster:

Sorry, derailing ... I just had to share.

Bully said...

Boy, that Kal-El is full of hot air!

I don't know if the story within features as Superman balloon, but there's one on the cover of Superman: The Man of Steel #132, along with everybody's favorite Thanksgiving guest, Mr. Mxyzptlk!

Bill D. said...

That 1987 balloon was pretty cool, but as I recall, one of the arms was deflated by the time it got to Harold Square! But still, I was pretty excited to see it on TV that year.

Siskoid said...

Superman can save Metropolis with one arm tied behind his back anyway.

jheaton said...

This is off the top of my head, and I have no way of researching it, but wasn't there a Hembeck-style Superman balloon in the issue of DC Comics Presents that introduced Ambush Bug?

jheaton said...

Wait, what am I saying? I'm on the Internet, of course I have a way to research it. And I did, and my memory was correct. You can see the aforementioned Hembeck-style Superman balloon on the Gutter Talk blog or much larger here, via