Geo-Force Goes to College

Batman and the Outsiders #9 - Pages 6-7
Halo and Black Lightning already have access to school subplots (the former's solo tale this issue will show more, and there's always Dangerous Minds for BL), so why not give Geo-Force the same kind of opportunities? In the name of "variety", he'll enroll in Gotham Community College. COMMUNITY COLLEGE? Can't a foreign prince get into a more upscale school?!Also, Markovian schools don't have windows as high as three men end to end. Wait... MARKOVIAN UNIVERSITIES?! Last time we visited that craphole of a country, it looked like it was still in the middle ages! My guess was that princes studied out of the country. Guess not. And I do so hate it when international students get annoyed with their host country's realities. Dude, when you say "quiet and disciplined", all I hear is "fascist". You heard me, you pampered monarchist.
Oh yeah, and another thing about North Americans: We're jerks.
Filthy bohemian bearded students... Can't Geo-Force make a SINGLE American friend? Isn't there SOMEONE out there who doesn't immediately see through his royal veneer to the pathetic poser beneath? Yes, ONE:
Meet hot librarian en devenir, Denise Howard. She'll help Prince Brion enroll. She has no ulterior motive. None. (I haven't checked ahead, so I'm playing naive.) This girl has got it together. Not only does she know how enrollment works in these pre-Internet days (kids I work with today can't believe I lined up with pieces of paper and 4000 other students to get into my courses), but she's also already bought some of her text books. ORGANIZED! And she can tell he's going into a graduate program. World's Greatest Detective, or...?
Ah. The more likely "it's really obvious". Earth sciences? Well, at least he'll learn how to better use those powers of his. Maybe. He does know he'll have to write a thesis, right? Community colleges in New Brunswick are basically trade schools, so I didn't even know they had graduate programs, so I'm really not the best person to evaluate whether or not registration in all graduate programs would be done by two guys sitting at the same fold-out table. I'll let you decide.
Denise is taking Natural Science this quarter, another vague subject, and only for a short time... How do those graduate programs work anyway? And Geo-Force, well, he sort of brushes her off. GF doesn't need a GF.

Tomorrow: We check in with Katana and all things Japanese. Sadly, no Godzilla.


De said...

Kids have it so much easier with class registration now. I also remember standing in line with 3000 of my closest friends only to essentially have to redo my schedule on the spot because the only chemistry course compatible with my work schedule was full up.

Things got a little easier when I finished my 100-200 level stuff. My last year, the university had moved to a buggy telephone registration system, which essentially meant I had to stand in line at the registrar after all.

Matthew Turnage said...

Community colleges in my neck of the woods only offer 100-200 level courses, associate's degrees, and vocational programs. Never heard of one with a graduate school.

My university had a telephone registration system, with registration windows opening to seniors first, on down the line to freshmen last. That meant, for the first two years, waking up at 6:00 in the morning and hitting redial over and over again until you got through in order to have a chance at the classes you wanted. Not a lot of fun, but certainly much better standing in line.

Siskoid said...

De: I was out of university when the buggy phone system was put into action, but I remember it happening.

Matt: I researched it and graduate community colleges do exist in the States.

The phone lines are dead, but students here are still waking up at odd hours to register online causing the website to implode under the crushing weight of traffic. It's just as frustrating, they've just started catering to lazyness. ;)

Anonymous said...

So, will Geoforce meet a TV loving misfit, an ex-high school athlete with a love for butt stuff, a cocky lawyer, an eccentric milionaire, and a churchgoing single mother to form a study group?

He's already filling the Britta role by being the worst.

Siskoid said...

The Outsiders and the Greendale study group... one and the same?

Black Lightning and Troy: Former athletes.

Halo and Shirley: Goofy and perky.

Katana and Annie: Straight and buttoned-up.

Wait. Is Batman Abed or Pierce?

SallyP said...

Ah, Geoforce. God, how I hate him. Shouldn't he be going to Oxford or Harvard or the Sorbonne or something? Gotham Community College?

Which only tells me, that Prince or no, Brion is too dumb to get in to a GOOD school. His country is doomed.

Martin Gray said...

Strange, I have no recollection of this interesting plotline.

Martin Gray said...

What TV show is being referenced in the comments? Am I the only person here old enough to remember The Paper Chase?

All this queuing is a little alien to me; things may have changed but there was no signing up for courses when I went to uni here in the UK - you picked your degree subject and turned up at the classes they told you to attend. Peasy!

Siskoid said...

The show is Community, a rockin' comedy now in its 3rd (and potentially last) season.

Europe has always been the gold standard of universities. We're not even trying to match them here.

Martin Gray said...

Ta, I have heard of that show, but never recognised any of the names, and didn't know the set-up.


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