Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vicki: The Character Sheet

In the spirit of each successive season seen as a role-playing campaign in the Doctor Who RPG, we've asked Maureen to surrender her character sheet before leaving. (Click to enlarge for legibility.)Stuff that didn't fit on the sheet (Maureen kept it on the back)...

*Vicki has a +2 Knowledge Expertise bonus in History

Animal Friendship (Minor) - Vicki can use this Trait on simple-minded machines as well, but with a +0 modifier only. As prologue to using this Trait, Vicki gives the target creature a pet name.
Brave (Minor)
Charming (Minor)
Run for Your Life! (Minor)
Technically Adept (Minor)
Time Traveller - Tech Level 2 (Minor) - that month in Ancient Rome prepared her for the life of a Trojan princess

Eccentric/Easily bored (Minor)
Eccentric/Enthusiasm (Minor)
Impulsive (Minor)
Insatiable Curiousity (Minor)
Phobia (Major) - Heights

Inexperienced (Minor) - Vicki lost this Trait after her first few adventures

Though she used a number of tricks throughout her adventures - from taking what people said at face value no matter how much the GM implied they were lying to ye olde ankle sprain - her favorite was to do things that could potentially change history, meddling blindly in events and opening the door for the GM to create complications.

Hers was a character I'll miss. She was a veritable ray of sunshine in the TARDIS.


Toby'c said...

If you're using a non-canon surname for Vicky, are you going to do the same for Polly and Ace?

Siskoid said...

You say non-canon, I say extracononical!

It's likely I will, yes. As it turns out, Maureen never even mentioned the name in any of the games. ;)

Andrew Gilbertson said...

A character I miss as well. In some ways, I really felt like- especially during the Crusade campaign- she and Billy actually connected better than he and Carol Anne did.

Siskoid said...

Agreed. I like Vicki a lot more than I do whiny Susan. Maybe if she'd been written as she was in the pilot all the way through.