Jamie, Zoe and the 2nd Doctor: The Character Sheets

It's the end of an era. Pat, Frazer and Wendy just handed in their Doctor Who RPG character sheets. (Click to enlarge for legibility.)Stuff that didn't fit on the sheet (Frazer kept it on the back)...

*The Doctor has a +2 Athletics Expertise bonus in Climbing, a +2 Craft Expertise bonus in Bagpipes, a +2 Fighting Expertise bonus in Dirk, and a +2 Subterfuge Expertise bonus in Tactics.

Attractive (Minor)
Brave (Minor)
Quick Reflexes (Minor)
Run for Your Life! (Minor)
Tough (Minor)

Distinctive (Minor) - Only when wearing the kilt
Eccentric/Sexist (Minor) - Jamie comes from a culture that undervalues women; at best, feels too protective of his female companions, and a worst, he makes macho comments in their company
Eccentric/Strange relationship with technology (Major) - Jamie is sarcastic and dismissive of any tech-related solution, and gives machines he does not understand colorful names like "flying beastie" (planes)
Impulsive (Minor)
Insatiable Curiousity (Minor)
Technically Inept (Minor)
Weakness/Space sickness (Minor) - Jamie feels spacesick when flying aboard space ships and rockets

Jamie often blurts out the wrong thing (usually the truth in a situation where it would be most inconvenient), forcing his companions to either shut him up quickly, or cover his statements with more lies and fast talk.

Next up... Zoe Heriot!
And again, what didn't fit on there:

*Zoe has a +2 Fighting Expertise bonus in Judo, a +2 Science Expertise bonus in Astrophysics, and a +2 Technology Expertise bonus in Computers.

Attractive (Minor)
Brave (Minor)
Photographic Memory (Major)
Screamer (Minor)
Sense of Direction (Minor) - Zoe must have seen a map or floor plan of the area to use this Trait
Special: Human computer (Minor) - Zoe can do mental calculations instantly, and write computer code in her head, giving her a +2 bonus to programming-related Technology rolls


Eccentric/Air of superiority (Minor) - Zoe is confident in her abilities to a fault, often believing herself smarter and more capable than even the Doctor
Eccentric/Logic before emotion (Minor) - Zoe doesn't experience the full range of emotion normally, usually keeping an upbeat attitude where others would feel fear or sadness; logic dictates her reactions
Insatiable Curiousity (Minor)

Zoe likes to get herself in trouble because of her intelligence. She'll try intelligence tests when she doesn't need to, defeat primitive computers that have annoyed her, and generally show off and come off as arrogant.

Though he inherited the Doctor from another player, Pat did shuffle his stats as per the Regeneration rules.
What there wasn't room for (and in a Time Lord, that's a lot):

*The Doctor has a +2 Athletics Expertise bonus in Running, a +2 Craft Expertise bonus in Recorder, a +2 Subterfuge Expertise bonus in Dissembling, and a +2 Technology Expertise bonus in Jerry-Rigging.

Boffin (Major)
Charming (Minor)
Empathic (Minor)
Fast Healing (Minor)
Gadget (Minor) - Sonic Screwdriver [Open/Close]
Hypnosis (Minor)
Indomitable (Major)
Psychic Training (Minor)
Resourceful Pockets (Minor) - Sample items include a magnifying glass, a telescope, a handkerchief, pepper, pen and paper, a whistle, a tennis ball, his 500-year diary, and dozens more
Run for Your Life! (Minor)
Technically Adept (Minor)
Time Traveller (Major) - The Doctor is familiar with the technology of all Tech Levels, unless in cases where the GM has decided some technology is strange even to him
Voice of Authority (Minor)

Adversary (Major) - Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Yeti
Distinctive (Minor) - The so-called "Cosmic Hobo"
Eccentric/Clown (Minor) - The Doctor likes to pretend he is a harmless and flustered buffoon to hide his keen intellect and real agenda
Eccentric/"I would like a hat like that" (Minor) - The Doctor can't help but lust after the strangest hats encountered on his travels
Eccentric/Secretive (Major) - The Doctor plays it close to the vest and often does not inform his companions and allies of his plans, to his frequent detriment; he sometimes plays the recorder to avoid having to answer questions
Forgetful (Minor)
Impulsive (Minor)
Insatiable Curiosity (Minor)

Time Lord - The second Doctor does not get the Traits Feel the Turn of the Universe or Vortex, making this Trait cost only 3 Story Points
Time Lord (Experienced)

The Doctor loves dissembling, but too much. He will often keep things from his companions until it is too late, passing notes to the GameMaster instead of broadcasting his plans across the table.

With the 2nd Doctor's departure from the game, I can offer a 2nd Doctor, high-quality PDF bundle on GoogleDrive, with every character that's ever left during his reign, from Ben and Polly on down, as well as a virgin 2nd Doc-era template for your own characters.


LiamKav said...

"Time Lord - The first Doctor does not get the Traits Feel the Turn of the Universe or Vortex, making this Trait cost only 3 Story Points"

I'm curious as to which Doctor will be the first to get this trait. Nine would be obvious, but I can see it coming in earlier with McCoy or even Baker.

Zoe: Attractive (Minor)
Minor? MINOR?!

Siskoid said...

I of course meant "second Doctor" there (so you see why I don't release the pdfs right away).

Zoe... she's super-cute, don't worry. Attractive is always a Minor Good Trait in DWAITAS. There's no Major version. It's not her attractiveness that's minor, it's the Trait itself in the context of the game.

Siskoid said...

The 4th Doctor definitely has Feel the Turn of the Universe. Don't know yet if Doc3 does.

As for Vortex, the 7th Doctor might be the first to truly have it. I bet Romana did too.

Siskoid said...

The bundle is up on the web.

Anonymous said...

Your DG link is dead.

Siskoid said...

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Links were broken when GoogleDocs became GoogleDrive. All better now, hopefully.


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