Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jo Grant: The Character Sheet

In the spirit of each successive season seen as a role-playing campaign in the Doctor Who RPG, we've asked Katy to surrender her character sheet before leaving. (Click to enlarge for legibility.)
Stuff that didn't fit on the sheet and kept on the back...

*Jo has a +2 Convince Expertise in Sweet-Talking, a +2 Fighting Expertise bonus in Karate, and a +2 Subterfuge Expertise bonus in Escapology/Lockpicking.

Attractive (Minor)
Brave (Minor)
Charming (Minor)
Friends (Major) - UNIT
Lucky (Minor) - Serendipity!
Psychic Training (Minor)
Run For Your Life! (Minor)
Screamer! (Minor)

Clumsy (Minor)
Distinctive (Minor) - Jo's sense of fashion crosses the line between trendy and outlandish, and has included everything from chunky rings to feather boas to princess gowns.
Eccentric/Enthusiastic (Major) - Jo is passionate about the things she believes in, including the environment, New Age stuff, and the Doctor
Eccentric/Loyalty to the Doctor (Major) - she would give up her life to save the Doctor's
Impulsive (Minor)
Obligation (Major) - to UNIT
Unadventurous (Minor) - only applies to TARDIS destinations; she's quite happy to adventure in her own place and time

Because her Expertise in Escapology makes getting out of cages and traps a little easier, she's quick to allow herself to be captured by the baddies, but she was also always keen to describe how her Clumsy Trait would ruin things for the Doctor with no prompting from the GameMaster.

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