Star Trek #1448: Assimilation2 Part 7

1448. Assimilation2 Part 7

PUBLICATION: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #7, IDW Comics, November 2012

CREATORS: Scott and David Tipton (writers), Gordon Purcell and J.K. Woodward (artists)

STARDATE: Unknown (follows previous issue).

PLOT: The Doctor retrieves the Borg library archive from Wolf 359, then flies a Starfleet away team to the Cyber-fleet with his TARDIS, before the Cybermen can reach the Borg homeworld.

CONTINUITY: See previous issues (Borg, Cybermen, Wolf 359, Locutus).

DIVERGENCES: None, except the anomalies from the Whoniverse that have appeared in the Star Trek universe.

PANELS OF THE DAY - One of the more Doctorish sayings:
And the proof is in the carrying.
REVIEW: Maddening. The whole sequence at Wolf 359 is only an excuse for the Doctor to info-dump about the Borg, Locutus, etc. to the Ponds, like people reading this series don't know a thing about the Borg? And NOTHING HAPPENS. He points a tricorder at walls and downloads the archive he needs. That's it. The Borg don't make a move against them, not even Locutus when they cross paths. The only bit that's of any worth is the Doctor and Amy reacting to the battle, a fixed tragedy in time. Once they return to the relative present, I do think things get a little better, at least as far as the dialog goes. Once the decision is made to use the TARDIS to reach the Cyber-fleet, some of the Doctor's trademark patter replaces the merely functional speech bubbles he's been mostly given throughout the series. His philosophy contrasts with's Worf's when it comes to weapons, and perhaps there's something to be done with Amy and Rory being given phasers in the Doctor's absence. Will they give in? But you know, it's not like Rory doesn't have memories of being a sword-wielding Roman. Now if only the photo-reference-heavy art wasn't so awkward at showing people HOLDING guns, the rifles frequently appearing to be twice or three times their standard size. The referenced expressions may also be what's wrong with the moment the Doctor tells his companions to stay behind because the mission is too dangerous. There's a quick comedy switch in attitude, like the Doctor's only faking it for Picard's benefit at first, but it falls flat, in part because these expressions are stock used all over the comic. A little more action than most issues, and potty-mouthed Picard says "merde", but it all feels like it's too little too late as far as this story is concerned.


snell said...

To go to Wolf 359 and do absolutely nothing with it..."maddening" is putting it lightly. Come on, guys--you could have at least given us a Sisko cameo! This series win the award for Biggest Waste Of Potential EVER.

Since the Legion/TOS and Dr/TNG crossover series have sold well, perhaps we should speculate on future titles. What series (assuming licenses are available) should crossover with DS9? Voyager? Enterprise?

De said...

That picture with Picard and the phaser rifle looks like it was referenced from one of the old Playmates action figures. That's exactly how it looked if you wanted the figure to hold the accessory with both hands.

I know I'm going to go straight to Hell for suggesting this, but I'd be interested in seeing what a Star Trek/Transformers crossover could do. Maybe it could work with the Voyager crew.

Anonymous said...

I vote for a "Parks and Recreation" / "Legion of Super Heroes" crossover.

What can I say? If DC publishes it, I'm buying it.

Toby'c said...

I vote for TNG with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, ideally by tying together Discord and Q (both played by John De Lancie and with fairly similar personalities and abilities).

Or better yet, Doctor Who and MLP:FIM, tying together the Doctor and that until recently unnamed background extra that we all think is the Doctor because he has an hourglass for a Cutie Mark and looks a little like David Tennant.


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