Friday, December 07, 2012

Reign of the Supermen #453: Jonathan Morris' Phantom Zone Superman

Source: Courtesy Jonathan Morris (2008)
Type: Fan-made
Part 2 of an impromptu triptych following last week's Reign entry, Calamity Jon was kind enough to give me access to two other Superman designs he drew in addition to his "New Genesis Superman" (Reign #442). The third I'll post tomorrow, but for now, lay your eyes on a Superman whose father would have sent him to safety in the Phantom Zone. Shades of the Electrical Superman, it looks like Kal-El was at least given some mechanical accoutrements to help him grow up and survive in there. Maybe his rocket acted as a nursery, learning center and then mechanical arms that can punch Kryptonian criminals in the face. Or maybe Jor-El let all the criminals out first, to face their doom on the exploding planet, but there are still... things... out there... in the dark. Maybe Luthor eventually invents the PZ projector and frees him from his exile. Would love to see a story based on this concept.

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