Monday, February 04, 2013

The Cult of the Piecemeal God

A couple weeks back, I entered HeroPress' "Talk to the Hand" Make-a-Monster contest, in which I had to take the creature below and write up a little description and some RPG stats for it. I didn't win, that honor belongs to Nate of Natholeon's Empire, but I did get second place. Yay! So my thanks to Tim Knight for running the contest, and you should check out the winning entry too, because Nate went the extra mile and drew some comics featuring his monster. Here's my not-quite-as-enterprising effort:
The Piecemeal God is a powerful interdimensional entity, a survivor from the previous iteration of the universe, essentially trapped in the Void between worlds, and only able to manifest physically through its worshipers. Members of its cult cultivate purity of spirit, striving to attain a state of mind as close to that of their deity as possible. When a Cultist reaches that "purity", the Piecemeal God crosses over into our universe, transforming its Cultist's flesh into part of its unholy body. Because no single three-dimensional creature can contain this Lovecraftian entity, the Piecemeal God must content itself with this disconnected existence.

Above, one of two Hands of the Piecemeal God, one of its more dangerous anatomical agents, for through its Hands, the god can fire eldritch, interdimensional energies or launch itself into the air and punch what the infidels (everyone else) has built. While many parts of the Piecemeal God are dedicated to protecting its great organs, waiting for the day when enough of the Elder Thing exists on our plane for it to take its rightful place as its ruler, the Hands are frequently sent out on errands on the Cult's behalf.

Cultists so transformed retain a certain measure of their former identity, though by then, they think so much like the Piecemeal God, there is little to differentiate them from it or one another except their particular memories. Becoming a Hand may seem like a great honor, but Cultists are as happy to become their god's Liver or Kidney. Being a Hand actually means more active and more dangerous work, and could lead to a Cultist's untimely death, after which a new Hand must be grown from the flesh of another worshiper.

Hand stats for Doctor Who: Adventures in Space and Time RPG
Attributes: Awareness 3, Coordination 4, Ingenuity 3, Presence 5, Resolve 5, Strength 7
Skills: Athletics 2, Convince 2, Craft 1, Fighting 3, Knowledge 2, Subterfuge 1, Survival 2 (the GM may add more Skill points based on the Hand's previous identity, if known)
Traits: Alien; Alien Appearance, Climbing (characters with 2 or less Resolve will be creeped out if they witness this), Fear Factor 2, Friends (Major: Cult of the Piecemeal God), Natural Weapon/Eldritch Blast [4/L/L], Natural Weapon/Hand Attack (+2 Strength for crush, +4 Strength for punch), Networked, Tough; Obsession (Major: Bringing the Piecemeal God into our universe). Story Points: 6
Home Tech Level: As per location and era the GM wishes to use

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Tim Knight said...

Well done (again), thanks for entering and thanks for all your support. Highly appreciated!