Friday, July 19, 2013

Reign of the Supermen #487: DC Universe's Superman

Source: DC Universe RPG (1999-2002)
Type: Role-playing game
West End Games picked up the DC Comics license in at the turn of the Millennium, and while I eventually found a used copy of the book for cheap, nothing in it convinced me to drop my preferred DCHeroes system. In fact, DCURPG really takes its cue from DCH, adopting by and large the latter's chargen, with Base Cost + Factor Cost for each power. Of course, the system itself, a variation on D6 is completely different and dependent on dice pools. While DCU foreshadowed DC Adventures' differentiation of fighting moves, with Specializations rather than Advantages, they weren't all that varied mechanically. For example, the Elbow and Uppercut specializations both added 2D to their rolls. What was the point?

Ultimately, I think we can lay my lack of interest on the way stats were presented. Look at that page above. The Metropolis Sourcebook used bigger and more pleasant fonts, but otherwise did the same. A huge paragraph, hard to read and in deep need of being retranscribed for use. Has anyone out there in blogland played DCURPG? Did I deny myself and my players a rich experience on the merits (or lack thereof) of LAYOUT? Please tell me. But looking at it today, I have the same impression I did when I first cracked it open.

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