Friday, June 13, 2014

Questionable Friday: Most Epic Sword EVAR

So Alex at work walks into my office this week and asks "What's the most epic sword ever?" (because we work really hard and have to think about important things), having, I believe, just read THIS article on Listverse. Whatever, my choice isn't even ON that list, which sidesteps the true answer by sticking to movies, tv and videogames only. But you see, the most badass, most epic sword hasn't successfully been translated into those media. You have to READ about it.

Obviously, that's Stormbringer, the soul-sucking blade wielded by Elric of Melniboné.
Created by the forces of Chaos, this black blade covered in glowing runes can cut through anything and sings when it's hungry. It has a mind of its own and is both addict and drug, giving Elric strength, vitality and self-loathing as it forces him to kill. With a sword like that, you need to seek out your enemies before your friends and family get their souls sucked out of them, a fate, shall we say, worse than death.

Now THAT'S a badass sword.


Anonymous said...

It's been translated into music though!

Randomnerd said...

The most powerful, and evil, sword anywhere. Also the most ripped off, although I'm not sure anyone is conscious of doing so anymore. I work in a library and I get a lot of "Wait, who is Michael Moorcock?" when I try explaining the Eternal Warrior thing and the concept of a soul eating sword. (Mostly to manga fans. You see that a lot in stuff there. *cough* Bleach. *cough*

idiotbrigade said...

Soul-sucking is cool, but a sword with personality is tops.

Randomnerd said...

Now imagine that singing sword turning into the demon. Talk about scarring a childhood.