Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reign of the Supermen #533: Prince Superman

Source: Action Comics #833 (2006)
Type: Transformation
Before tapping into Superman's Kryptonian heritage for proper folklore, the Queen of Fables tried to insert him into more traditional Western fairy tales, but it didn't quite take. In the "story", Prince Superman was married to Snow White (who from afar, could be Wonder Woman as much as Lois Lane), a terrible ruler who had tortured and taken everything away from the Queen. With the help of his squire Jimmy, he defeats her monsters. You can see how clunky that all sounds. It's because Superman alienness prevents her from creating a story immersive enough to confound him, anachronisms a tell-tale sign that something is wrong. I do like how writer Gail Simone equates Superman's powers with his knightly regalia though:
The horse is his speed and flight. The sword is his heat vision. And his shield is his invulnerability of course. Does he sometimes wear spectacles that confer second sight? Is his armor responsible for his strength? Does he have a wooden dummy at home with which to practice ventriloquism? What. Silver Age Superman tropes are MY kind of folklore.


SallyP said...

Hey, this actually looks to be...interesting!

Martin Gray said...

It's worth a read Sally, Gail Simone's Action Comics run, sadly truncated, was a breath of fresh air.