Legionnaires Hot or Not: Brainiac 5 to Karate Kid

I know it's a little cheap to cross-post something from another blog I'm participating in, but I love the Hot or Not feature we're doing over in the Legion of Super-Bloggers that I want to promote it elsewhere. The idea was to host a chat with various awesome women from my entourage, none of which had any familiarity with the Legion of Super-Heroes, about the relative "hotness" of various male Legionnaires (though the female Legionnaires get invariably splashed through their relationships with those guys). The result of rambunctious and frequently funny, with some pathos thrown in when they find out such and such a Legionnaire was killed in action. We're doing them biweekly in order of joining the team, and I've already given you access to the guys from Cosmic Boy to the first Invisible Kid. It's been months since then, we even added a member to the Hot or Not team with the dry-witted Science Girl at one point (joining punmistress Lip-Bomb, her sweet sister DJ Nath, loopy Art-Girl, harsh Shotgun, wise divorcée Havana Nights, and myself, like a man caught in the crossfire), so here are the next 11 Legionnaires they tackled...
Brainiac 5 is one of my favorite Legionnaires, but I'm not sure his attitude was appreciated by the girls. They much preferred Supergirl.
Superboy was fun because there are many live action versions to discuss.
Ultra Boy is probably hot, right? But will the girls clutch Phantom Girl closer to their hearts?
Star Boy's up next. It's time to talk about beards. Collateral damage: Dream Girl.
Sun Boy, poor Sun Boy, may just be the most hated of all Legionnaires. And an inside joke is born.
Bouncing Boy may prove to be relationship material. Just ask Duo Damsel, she's in here too.
Mon-El is Science Girl's first Legionnaire and - oops - has cupid's arrow struck so soon? Shadow Lass also in the crosshairs.
Matter-Eater Lad is of a type we see a lot in our particular group of friends. Will we find out why they're all single? Also, some talk of Saturn Queen!
Element Lad brings a whole other dynamic, especially with the whole Shvaughn/Sean Erin relationship.
Ferro Lad is disfigured, sure, but don't underestimate the power of METAL!
Karate Kid's review came out just last weekend. Collatoral damage: Princess Projectra/Sensor Girl!

If you like these, please leave comments somewhere. I love to give the girls feedback. Example: You might tell them to tone down the camping jokes. (Ok maybe that one's just for me.) And oh, no spoilers ;-). Is there a Legionnaire in this list - boy or girl - whose hotness can't be denied?


Green Luthor said...

Personally, I'm rather liking the feature. I guess because it's a perspective we don't normally get from the comics blogosphere (and the MRAs haven't found it, always a plus), and the ladies seem like a fun group. (I suppose the constant camping jokes could grate if one had to deal with them constantly, but every other week isn't too much for me.)

Matter-Eater Lad probably wasn't helped by that Giffen Who's Who entry, but... them's the breaks. At least he fared better than Sun Boy. (That one's not getting old any time soon, at least.)

Can't wait for Quislet and Tellus. :D

Also, does the plan include the "Five Year Gap" Legionnaries (Atmos, Crystal Kid, and whatnot?), or will that be a "see how things turn out" situation? I'm assuming you'd likely include some of the "non-classic" members (guys like Kent Shakespeare from 5YL or characters new to the reboots), but the characters that we only saw in the Legion after the fact... hard to say if it's worth the time it would take to cover them all. Just curious.

Anyhoo, if you're looking for votes of approval/support, you (and the ladies) have one here. :)

Siskoid said...

It's all so far away. They HAVE asked me if they can do a couple of posts on the Subs and other rejects, since they come up in conversation from time to time, but beyond that, not sure. Not the Gap Legionnaires per se, no. Kent might make it in though.

SallyP said...

Okay, I'll bite. I have never been much of a fan of the Legion, mainly because I think that having tryouts just so that you can mock the losers who then go on to become super villains in order to get revenge, is a pretty foolish thing to do.

But... let me just go on record as saying that I DO find brains and general ass-hattery to be oddly attractive... so put my vote in for Brainiac. I have an odd affection for Star Man... boy, lad, whatever.


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