Launched: The Fourth Doctor Expanded Universe Sourcebook

Here you go! The fourth volume to act as companion to the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who sourcebooks for Cubicle 7's Doctor Who RPG - they covered the Doctor Who canon, we covered the extracanonical adventures from the novels, audios, comics, and more!
You can download (or just read) it HERE in high (printable) or low (computer screen) resolution, and if that somehow gets knocked out from too much bandwidth being used, the working copy is also HERE.

After the third book's delays, I'm happy to report there was less than 7 months turnaround to make what is actually our thickest book yet (213 pages to the Third Doctor's 122), the pdf document features at least one entry from each Fourth Doctor novel and audio, plus material from short stories, comics, and even the televised show itself (with long-running Doctors like Tom Baker, C7 couldn't put everything in). You'll find people, monsters, places, dates, gear, the works. A timeline that puts it all together, and adventure seeds, both original and based on the source material, for the prospective GameMaster. While I did the layouts, coordination, and editing, the lion's share of contributions came, once again, from Peter "misterharry" Gilham, without whom this project would be impossible. Never mind all the entries, the proofreading effort alone! That's all him. I'm also grateful to other contributors pulled from the DWAITAS boards, namely Koloth, Polar Bear and Olivier Legrand. And I'm especially excited to have so many original pieces of art this time, from contributors Brian Dixon and Brendon Wright. Here's one of my favorites from Brendon's pencil (stylus?) because I just can't resist:
My personal thanks to everyone who's kept up with the project for the past three years. Believe it or not, we're a quarter through. If the Fifth Doctor is your jam, you can help on the next one. Check out the list of things we're looking for in The Extracanonical Davison; maybe you can help us out with words or pictures. If you don't know the game very well, we've got guys who can stat it all up for you. Get in touch, we'd love to have more collaborators. And that could be you! I'd love to have it done by next Fall. And a lot closer in time, look for the First Doctor Update 2016. It's been in the works on the side, and could be ready within the month.

Follows: A few pages for readers not interested enough to click the links, including my favorite to write, a planet destroyed by social media (third one down):
Star Trek fans may also want to check out pages at the 100-page mark. ;-) Enjoy!


Olivier Legrand said…
It's great to see this monumental book completed! Thanks a lot for your unfailing dedication. And thanks for the kind words too, but you may be overestimating my part a bit - I only did the stats for everybody's favorite Victorian duo, Jago and Litefoot! Anyway, kudos for the whole thing - and see you soon in time and space!
Anonymous said…
Thanks to all those who contributed to this project, and of course, Siskoid :D