Siskoid's 6 Most-Used TV and Movie Quotes

Some people basically speak in movie quotes. I don't think I do, but they're definitely part of my cultural baggage. Here then are the 6 quotes I've been most known to use in every day conversation:
6. "Get OUT! GET OUTTATHERRRRRRRRRRE!!!" - Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
It's more the delivery than the words themselves, truthfully, but there's no call to extricate yourself from a situation more urgent that Christopher Lloyd's.
5. "Don't say 'and stuff'." - Jackson Healy in The Nice Guys
A recent addition, but there's something addictive about repeating Russell Crowe's corrective catch phrase to his daughter whenever someone says "and stuff" at the end of a sentence.
4. "IT'S A FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!" - Senator Vreenak in Deep Space Nine's "In the Pale Moonlight"
Since become meme-worthy, so I probably don't need to sell it; the line and delivery are perfect for when you don't believe something is real.
3. "Sleep is for tortoises." - The Fourth Doctor in City of Death
Doctor Who is very quotable, but I think this is the only line I use regularly, probably because people are always asking me when I sleep given my grueling blogging schedule.
2. "We reach." - Space hippies in Star Trek's "The Way to Eden"
People who interact with me, like, AT ALL, will have heard me say this anytime I come to an immediate understanding with a like-minded person. Unless they're total Herberts, then we never reached. (Actually, I'm SUCH a Herbert in real life; using this quote is the only groovy thing about me.)
1. "Fear is the mind killer." - Frank Herbert, Dune
The concept of the mind killer is something I use in teaching improv, fear standing in for anything that might hold you back while trying to have complete access to your brain. The mind killer is what prevents you from playing, and in a larger sense, from doing anything at all. And that mind killer is a feeling, anxiety or thought that is counter-productive and has no actual bearing on the situation. I think my students are the point where they think I made it up, so I'm going to have to force Dune on them (either the book or the Sci-Fi Channel mini-series, sorry David Lynch version).

Obviously, there are quotes I think about a lot - the "Oompa Loompa Song" is stuck in my head right now, and I often mentally react with lines from Magnolia - but these don't actually leave my lips. And there are quotes I like to do as impressions - Michael Keaton's "I'm Batman" or HAL's "Hi Dave" - but they don't count as "using them in conversation". What are the quotes YOU find yourself using most often in every day life? And do the mundanes notice?


Madeley said...

Quotes from the tv show Spaced are a staple of how my wife and I communicate, so you can image how overly excited we were with "skip to the end" making an appearance in Simon Pegg's co-written Beyond script.

Staying with Star Trek, I have been known to use "Kirk to Enterprise, one to beam up" at the end of awkward silences, usually after I've dropped a clanger.

abc said...

Streets ahead.

Siskoid said...

Great choices!

Anonymous said...

I've never used any of yours. I tend to use tons of Simpsons quotes, to the point where people either look confused or look like they want to punch me. Star Wars has plenty of quotable lines, but most of them have been done to death.
There are other quotes I'd love to use ("I'm your density"), but the proper occasion never seems to come up.

Mike W.

Tony Laplume said...

Love the two from Star Trek. Personally, it's "The line must be drawn HERE!"

Anonymous said...

Mostly I dredge up lines from old "Get a Life" reruns, and of course nobody gets them. When the new Sheetz opened with a drive-thru, I couldn't help but tell the cashier: "It's almost like living in space!"

Or MST3K quotes when I can fit them to the situation. And "The Tick" if the opportunity presents itself, but that usually goes no further than "even now he sulks like Achilles in his tent!"

LiamKav said...

I'll alternate that with "stop trying to make 'fetch' happen", but that might be because I'm streets behind.

LiamKav said...

"It's a different shark, Ted" everytime someone confuses a movie with its sequel.

CalvinPitt said...

"D'oh" is almost certainly the most common phrase for me. Beyond that there are a couple of Leone movie quotes, "There are two kinds of people my friend. . . " followed by whatever I deem those two kinds of people to be, and, "That's difficult to prove, Cuchillo," when people say things I find questionable, mostly.

"I don't need to see that or think of it ever again," has been getting pretty regular use since I saw it in Deadpool.

Tony Laplume said...

Speaking of the Simpsons, I love that Comic Book Guy's "Best...[thing]...ever!" has become a thing bigger than the Simpsons.

JeffJedi said...

For number 6 my friends and I would always count down unnecessary slowly and get all the way past 1 before we'd shout, "Get out! GET OUTTA THERE!"

Siskoid said...

I've been trying to remember what else I use or have used conversationally, just lest frequently than the top 6...

"I am not a number. I'm a free man!" is in there.

"No matter where you go, there you are."

"Soylent Green is people"

I refer to "The giggle loop"

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

"Final answer"

I'm sure there are others.

Bauble said...

I often use "that's Kool & the gang"!

Siskoid said...

Me too! I got that from you, really.

Anonymous said...

Anytime there are three or four of something, that is usually told in the "There...are...FOUR...Lights" voice.

Not movies or TV, but I almost always follow up the phrase, "There it is," with "Whoomp," said with as little inflection as possible.


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