Dial H for Half Time

JSA Classified #25 completely ignores the H-E-R-O series (was it all a dream?), but doesn't QUITE restore the Big Dial to its former self, and this story too will end up being ignored by the time we see the Dial again. I'm starting to think the various Crises created anomalous Dials (and Robby Reeds) whose histories deviate from one another some time after the Silver Age. In this tale, the Dial looks slightly different and is in the possession of S.H.A.D.E. until it is stolen. Green Lantern Alan Scott is tasked with recruiting an old villain of his, Johnny Mimic, the ultimate profiler who can duplicate any crime by tapping into the original criminal's mind. One thing I did find interesting is that Mimic's dialed identities are weird and grotesque, foreshadowing China Miéville's Dial H series in the New52.

Case 77: JSA Classified #25
Dial Holder: An unnamed S.H.A.D.E. scientist, and Jonathan Waddill AKA Johnny Mimic
Dial Type: The Big Dial (or is it?)
Dialing: This version of the Dial has the letters H-E-R-O along the same edge instead of the classic's alien symbols, with "Dial H for" written in the center. S.H.A.D.E. killed the previous owner, which may or may not be a reference to Robby Reed. It works as the Push-Button Dial did, with a flash of light and smoke, and apparently no moral drive to be a hero. One of Mimic's dialed identities has his face (and first name), and another is the perfect ironic counterpoint to Father Time; whether this is because of an interaction with Mimic's powers is unclear. Green Lantern's ring is able to damage it to the point where it is unusable, and returns the user to their normal identity. Its destruction and subsequent return in future comics, along with its slightly different look, might indicate this is not Robby's Dial after all, but an inferior copy.
Name: Time Man (unnamed, entirely based on powers and chest emblem; Mimic calls him Time-Bandit, which wouldn't match the latter)
Costume: In yellow and red, a simple spandex suit with goggles, and big, cartoony letters ("TM") on his chest.
Powers: The ability to travel in time, but not space. If the physical space is changed between times, he is liable to materialize in solid matter, which is lethal.
Sighted: In S.H.A.D.E. HQ, popping to the future (and his death) after stealing the Dial.
Possibilities: Time Man probably wouldn't last long with those limitations, so make him a bit of a comedy character. A mini-series (after which he is never seen again) sees him bumble through figuring out how his powers work and getting into all sorts of trouble while never really leaving a small radius from his apartment.
Integration Quotient: 10% (even if I write a story for him, it wouldn't allow him to interact much with the DCU, or not for long anyway)
Name: Johnny Fireplug (that's a crazy name)
Costume: A dark-colored fireman's uniform, with a red fireman's hat and a fire hydrant cover on his chest. His face shows a grisled beard, and his arms are long fire hoses.
Powers: Johnny shoots powerful jets of water from his stretchy hose arms.
Sighted: At S.H.A.D.E. HQ, fighting Green Lantern and S.H.A.D.E. agents.
Possibilities: A weird cyborg team called First Responders might include this veteran firefighter.
Integration Quotient: 25% (too strange not to need a lot of set-up)
Name: Grandfather Clock (fits the bill, and would fight Father Time frequently)
Look: A grandfather clock with arms and legs, large whirring gears at his joints and inside his torso. His moon-like face is where the clock face would be, its hands forming a makeshift mustache.
Powers: This clockwork character can fire whirring gears at targets, use the ones fixed to and inside its body to grind foes at close range, and is made of wood, which helps when you fight the Golden Age Green Lantern.
Sighted: At S.H.A.D.E. HQ, fighting Green Lantern and Father Time.
Possibilities: A clockwork cyborg from the Gotham by Gaslight Earth? Perhaps its version of the Clock King?
Integration Quotient: 10% (too strange and silly to fit most Earth-1 superhero narratives)

Next: Both Brave AND Bold.



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