Dial V for Vertigo

The cover is the only indication that the agents of the Thunderbolt Club might be dialing V instead of H, and in fact, is a misrepresentation. Even as "villains", their personae think they're doing the right thing. They just happen to cause problems, whereas our protagonists try to fix them with their own hero identities. Anyway, as you can see, I've given the resurrected Dial H case files feature the Friday slot, which it will keep for a couple months, then go monthly as we follow the series to its end. Which is issue 12 from what I've read. It's what in the old days we would have called a maxi-series.

Bonus heroes not covered here: Corinne Benson says the identity she dialed in the past was The Unknown Babysitter who could turn invisible. Summer play-acts at having a superhero persona, ripping a side-view mirror off the mayo van and annoying Miguel as Mirror Madam!

Case 103: Dial H for Hero #3
Dial Holders: Officer Corinne Benson, Summer Pickens
Dial Type: Red Dial
Dialing: In a flashback, we see Robby Reed pull out the original Dial and it is indeed red. Has it been built into the red phone? It also turns out the much older Operator is Robby (he goes to the Flash Museum as a kid, so maybe time runs differently in the Heroverse where he is calling from). Apparently, the dial always makes you aware of your secret origin. Its time limit is here confirmed as one hour. Hundreds of people around the world have used the dial (a dial?) and later joined the Thunderbolt Club on the promise that they would be allowed to dial again if Mister Thunderbolt got his way. When the phone booth appears, it comes down from the sky in a blazing column of light superhero movie fans will recognize as cliché. Now that Miguel has dialed, he can home in on a dialed character in the same locality.
Name: The Bluebird of Happiness (odd-sounding, but based on the superstition that the bluebird is indeed a herald of happiness)
Costume: Recalling one of Shadow Lass' costumes, especially with the character's long raven hair and blue skin, she wears a black one-piece with only one sleeve and one pant leg. An ankh-like design criss-crosses the chest to create a specific cleavage. Sticking out feather-like around the shoulders, the amorphous cape has psychedelic patterns shifting through the interior. One of her hands glows white and looks like it might be a glove. She wears raccoon eye make-up in a darker shade of blue and gray metal antennae are affixed to her forehead and go out on the sides. When she speaks, it's in a poetic vernacular, in colorful letters over a black speech bubble.
Powers: Floating on memory, the Bluebird generates an aura of nostalgic energy that sends people into their own minds, there to find bliss or pain, according to their natures. The surreal hallucinations this creates seem to be visible to everyone around and acts to confuse opponents. Bluebird can also focus her powers through a destructive beam, or "summon the Demonic Mnemonic", a metaphysical monster of memory manifestation.
Sighted: In Central City, allegedly saving people from bad feelings, but in reality causing everyone to have a flashback of Peter Milligan's Shade the Changing-Man comic.
Possibilities: The Bluebird's comic book cover evokes the Morrison Doom Patrol's logo and generally the proto-Vertigo comics of the late 80s and early 90s where superheroes were weird, literate and maybe more than a little pretentious. Her powers look like Madness Vest type stuff, and she works better as an antagonist than a hero, but definitely fits the era (or at a pinch, Young Animal series like DP and Shade). If used AS a hero, she's an odd anti-hero that causes more problems than she fixes (as my captain once said, "I NEED my pain!"). She's too ethereal to be the member of a hero team.
Integration Quotient: 50% (yes, totally fits a part of the DCU, but she's a one-off concept)
Name: Lo Lo Kick You (I don't get it)
Costume: This white-skinned Goth rocker chick wears a ripped black tank top with a radiation warning on it the same color as her spiky hair (hot pink), with a sleeveless gray vest over it that has yellow buttons pinned on the lapel. Her gray cut-off shorts are worn over black leather shorts, with ripped pink stockings and black leather boots with thick white rubber soles. Two black belts criss-cross her waist loosely. She wears a studded choker, short blue gloves, and several earrings. Her backpack looks like a gray and red atom bomb. And she swings a red and white Gibson Explorer electric guitar.
Powers: It's not clear that she has any except a rock'n'roll attitude and some fighting ability. She can use her rocket pack to swiftly fly short distances, and swings her guitar like a blunt axe. She's immune to nostalgia, so I don't know what she makes of this comic.
Sighted: In Central City, fighting the Bluebird of Happiness.
Possibilities: According to the included but partial origin, she was a teen detective meddling in her criminal mother's affairs when she fell into a vat of chemicals, so there's definitely a Joker vibe going on here. Maybe halfway between the DCU's version and the Tangent Comics Joker, with a healthy dose of Tank Girl. So I think we can have her in the DC Universe as someone who shares the Clown Prince of Crime's origin, but channels the madness for good, trying to take down her mom's criminal empire and committing various acts of anarchy along the way. At one point, she might have seemed trendy, but now the retro-look kind of works in her favor. You could also go the Dazzler route and change her look to go with whatever is most "punk" in your era.
Integration Quotient: 90% (tone down some of the rock lingo and I think you've got a character that can sustain her own series)

Next: JLDetroit and Snapper Carr???



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