Dial A for Amalgam

While we took a break to see to other matters, the current Dial H for Hero series wrapped. While it continued to of course focus on the Dials, it did little to create new heroic identities for us to discuss, at least of the "dialed" type. Still, issue 10 took us to an Earth where DC characters and concepts were Amalgamated together, no Marvel U required. Earth-32! Let's at least cover the ones that get featured the most (with apologies to Disco Troy, Bat Gardner, Starborg, Dr. Fatestorm, Jokero, and Aquaflash).

Case 110: Dial H for Hero #10
Dial Holders: Miguel Montez
Dial Type: Y-Dial
Dialing: The Y-Dial, also known as the Bifurcation Dial, is hidden on Earth-32, specifically on Miguel the Street, in a black phonebooth with a giant combination lock on it. Only the Miguels of the Multiverse know the security answer and thus the code. The combination is entered on a rotary dial. The Y-Dial splits a hero into two and is cumulative, at least enough for those heroes to dial and split once more. It is not known if a single person can be split into more than four individuals.
Name: Super-Martian (where's his species on his sleeve, an amalgam of Superman and the Martian Manhunter)
Costume: In Superman's colors (but for the skin), the look sports J'Onn's boots, cape, belt buckle and crossed straps, but Superman's head, logo (in black instead of yellow), and leotard (though the arms are still bare).
Powers: Presumably all of the two alien exiles' powers in one. Seen: Strength, invulnerability, telepathy, and flight.
Sighted: In Gothamopolis on Earth-32, leading Young Justice International against the Harli-Quinntor.
Possibilities: On Earth-32, we must assume the character rocketed to Earth from Mars as a baby and grew up on the Kent farm. Perhaps this Mars was more like Krypton. Since Earth-32 exists in the Multiverse, there's no reason he (and all the characters here) couldn't show up in Crisis-level events, including some kind of modern JLA/JSA team-ups.
Integration Quotient: 100% on Earth-32, but 10% on Earth-1 (there's no resolving the Amalgam in continuity)
Name: Harli-Quinntor (roles off the tongue - NOT! - Amalgam of Harley Quinn and the Anti-Monitor)
Costume: A white-faced giant in Harley's colors, but the Monitor's basic armor. The jester's hat becomes two curved extensions going to her back. Her gold wire belt curves back around her hip.
Powers: They say she has immeasurable power over the reality, though all we see is her being an invulnerable giant who can shoot energy beams. She seems to think it's all very funny.
Sighted: Attacking Gothamopolis on Earth-32.
Possibilities: The Harley Quinn titles are usually written with her insanity as part of the storytelling, so we could have a comic where she gains the Anti-Monitor's power and uses it to redraft the Multiverse, but it's all fun and games and doesn't really matter in the end.
Integration Quotient: 100% on Earth-32, but 75% on Earth-1 (albeit in a comedic capacity)
Name: Wonderhawk (doesn't sound half bad, Amalgam of Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl)
Costume: Essentially Wonder Woman's costume (with the star-spangled skirt working more like a loincloth)with the wings, mace and headdress of Hawkgirl. There is a single star on the latter.
Powers: Flight and no doubt a lot of fighting ability. The mace is able to project a blast of energy.
Sighted: In Gothamopolis on Earth-32, fighting the Harli-Quinnator.
Possibilities: On Earth-32, either the Amazons have developed winged flight, or the Thanagarians have a warrior woman culture. Given her taking Hera's name in vain, I would say the former. On Earth-1, I think we could imagine an Amazon inheriting the equipment of a soldier from Hawkworld and using it as an ally of Wonder Woman's.
Integration Quotient: 100% on Earth-32, but 75% on Earth-1 (if it's gear, it can be gifted to a new legacy character)
Name: Lobo Kick You (just as ridiculous as Lo Lo Kick You, of which she is an Amalgam along with Lobo)
Costume: A beefy, muscled version of punk heroine Lo Lo Kick You, sporting a tie-die crop top, ripped magenta tights with cut-off jean shorts, and then Lobo's chains and leather, including his skull-like knee-pads and giant boots.
Powers: Strength and attitude. Lobo Kick You uses a hook on a chain as a weapon.
Sighted: In Gothamopolis on Earth-32, connecting Miguel and Summer to Miguel the Street, then sending Ms. Super-Martian back into the fray.
Possibilities: Genetically similar to Summer Pickens (who always seems to dial Lo Lo Kick You), she is Earth-32's Summer/Lo Lo. According to her origin, she didn't just run away from home, she burned it to the ground. Like Lobo, she appears to be Czarnian, and if we were to put her on Earth-1, I think we could spin a tale where the Main Man ISN'T the last of his kind, and goes after the last lady Czarnian to ensure he is. She could probably stick around after that.
Integration Quotient: 100% on Earth-32, but 80% on Earth-1 (the name could be problematic)
Name: Ms. Super-Martian (clunky, Amalgam of Ms. Martian and Supergirl)
Costume: Styled after Super-Martian's look, though with the white shirt affected by both Ms. Martian and Supergirl at one point, the red pants, black boots, leather jacket and gloves evoke 90s Superboy. It's pretty cool actually.
Powers: Presumably the Martian/Kryptonian suite of powers, but it appears that she doesn't have flight, so who knows! She is for sure super-strong and fearless.
Sighted: In Gothamopolis on Earth-32, fighting the Harli-Quinnator.
Possibilities: On Earth-32, presumably the cousin of Super-Martian. On Earth-1, would have the same problems getting off the ground as a concept.
Integration Quotient: 100% on Earth-32, but 10% on Earth-1 (like I said, no resolving the Amalgam in continuity)
Name: Miguel the Street (doesn't sound as good as Danny the Street, with whom Miguel is Amalgamated here)
Look: A street on which all the signs, newspapers on sale, etc. can speak with his "voice". A typical Main Street full of Americana, its store fronts include the kinds of places frequented by a geeky teenage boy, including arcades, comic book stores and movie theaters. For some reason, its lamp posts are all curvy.
Powers: Miguel is a sentient street, able to communicate via its own signage, and which can teleport and introduce itself into any city.
Sighted: In Gothamopolis on Earth-32, guarding the Y-Dial. It appears to be in a relationship with Lobo Kick You.
Possibilities: According to the included origin, Miguel's parents were killed in Suicide Alley (an Amalgam of Suicide Slum and Crime Alley), Super-Martian comforted him and... then what? I suppose the telepath could have transplanted Miguel's mind and soul into the street to keep it safe. On Earth-32, that's all well and good. On Earth-1, we already have a "Street who helps", but what if there were a bunch of them? What if they met once a century to create a sentient city? I've got lots of ideas, suddenly!
Integration Quotient: 100% on Earth-32, but 65% on Earth-1 (redundant unless you extrapolate from there)

Next: Reign of the SuperMiguels!


Simon (formerly Johnny Sorrow) said...

On the big battle splash, I see WonderWing, Bat Lantern (Gal Gardner?), Starborg, Questress, Plastic Beetle, Terrific Tornado, and FireFate/FateStorm. Who are the others?

Siskoid said...

The characters I named in the intro are the only ones spoken aside from the characters I covered. It's up to use to invent names for the other guys, I guess!

I want to see: Atomic Booster, Ravager Robin, Changeling Raven, and well, who do you think the Atom has been amalgamated with, there, on Donna's shoulder? Should be a Justice Leaguer, I dunno.

Simon (formerly Johnny Sorrow) said...

Also, is that Flash Lightning in the front? The leggings look green, which made me wonder if he not amalgamated with Airwave (Flashwave?) weird as that would be.

Simon (formerly Johnny Sorrow) said...

I'd think Atom is crossed with Black Canary, but given all the Titans in there, it may well be Terra. Next to Beetle's head looks like Rita Farr, but I'm not sure who the tattered cloak belongs to.

Siskoid said...

Like I said, I gave the names in the intro. That's Aquaflash according to the comic.

Green Luthor said...

@Simon: I don't think that's Rita Farr, I think it's Zatanna (the top looks like her 80s costume); in either case, she's amalgamated with Etrigan (the Demon) (hence the yellow skin and the blue tattered cape).

(Hm... would Etranna (or whatever) use rhymes spelled backwards? Or would the backwards spell need to rhyme? Probably really annoying to have to write either way...)

Siskoid said...

Her spell-casting is very complicated.

Harry Schroder said...

That would be tough.


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