Great Match-Ups of Science Fiction #4

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Last article published: 28 April 2020
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Who is... the greatest Doctor? It's a question that answers itself. But in the style of ye olde brackette fights, I decided to ask my group of Whovian allies from the podcasting world how they would vote! Kept it simple. Just list the Doctors in order of appearance, which, thanks to the three necessary "out of sequence" Doctors, created a couple of match-ups you might not have expected. Let's get right into it with Round 1's results:

Well, right away, I'm angry that Matt Smith lost his tight race with Tennant, though more forgiving when it comes to my stray vote to Doctor Ruth (she has all the mystery, while Jodie has to date been forced into the kind of white bread performance Davison offered). McGann over Eccleston was also the result of a close battle, but the 8th Doctor certainly garnered a lot of fans through his work in the audios. Which is why I'm surprised Colin Baker is the only Doctor not to get a vote, when he is so damn good in Big Finish audio. Here I thought I was in the minority having the 7th Doctor as my favorite (so now you know how I'll vote every time in that bracket...). Moving on to Round 2:
The Mighty Trout undoes Hartnell and I'm okay with that, even if I voted the other way. Damn you Tom Baker, I would have voted McCoy to the ENNNNND! Fenric finally won, you monsters. Tennant over McGann doesn't surprise me, except that it was a nailbiter, decided by a single vote(!). A lot of love for McGann in these nerd parts. And Capaldi over Jodie makes four. The FINAL four:
I thought we were heading for two upsets. That maybe connoisseurs had more specialized tastes. But while Troughton was in the running for a good while, he lost the last couple votes. Meanwhile, though I was set to make jokes about whether or not the jury was made up of teenage girls or what, Capaldi actually beat Tennant, and it wasn't even really close! But I can feel it, it's all gonna crash in the final round...
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You might say, no surprise here, but the vote was actually tied and I had to go to outside council for a tie breaker! I didn't go to @tombakerfan69 either! The back-up voter was really torn. But eventually came back with the point that both were great Doctors, but Tom Baker did it with far fewer (and less sophisticated) resources. Well there you go. You can't argue with SCIENCE.

Wait, what's this?


Drinkplentyofmalk said...

Hm, I did this bracket with a jury of myself the final four would likely be Troughton, Mccoy, Eccelson and Capaldi.
I do genuinely wonder if that'd due to me wanting big and colourful acting in the often drab and emotionally subdued classic series, and preferring the opposite in the often large and explosive new series.

...yeah, I also prefer Ruth to 13.
It's a very odd feeling that five minutes into Whittaker's debut I was sold on her being The Doctor... but three years and two series later my impression hasn't really evolved past that. She certainly has some good scenes (the Punjab love speech, the 'group dynamic' bit in Villa) but it's a shame that she's just not given nearly as much of a... I suppose focus on what makes her distinct from the platonic ideal of the role.
I'm really glad that the Chibnall era is going for a more subdued take on DW, I'd say it's what the show *needs* to become in the current tv landscape and it's a relief to get something distinct from the over the top nature of the RTD/Moffat eras... but it almost feels like it's come at a cost of provoking a strong emotional reaction out of me at all.


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