100 Sexiest Women in Science Fiction (25-11)

The rules of our game/#86-100
Variety is the spice of life, or so goes the saying. I hope that while their ranking is hotly debatable, you've at least enjoyed the variety I've tried to put on display in these posts. Within the rules I set for myself, I still tried to include luscious babes from the silliest of comedies and the soul-crushingly intense dramas. Whether you hit puberty in the 60s or last week, your first SF crush has a good chance of being on the list. I've tried to cater to all tastes, though of course aggressive/bad girls tend to win out in the end. Still, I've shown you vixens, ice queens, hot librarians, both the innocent and the sultry, and a variety of looks and levels of maturity. Let's see what the bottom of the Top 25 yields, shall we?

25. Amy Pond from Doctor Who (Karen Gillan)
The new kid on the block from Doctor Who Series 5 has been called the sexiest Doctor Who companion ever. Well, I've got one in a higher position, but there's no denying that the leggy redhead has sexiness hardwired into her. Her day job is "kissogram" (it's a laugh!) and she certainly exudes a pouty confidence and loves to torture her boys with her sexuality. She's that girl that's one of the boys but keeps making jokes about getting it on with them, knowing full well nobody will dare take her up on it.

24. Nova from Planet Of The Apes (Linda Harrison)
Because it's not SF, I really can't use Raquel Welch in a fur bikini (1,000,000 B.C.). But see below. What I CAN do, is remember than Nova was there first. One thing Charlton Heston discovered is that while apes evolved to become the dominant species on Earth, humans evolved a definite hotness. And who needs brains and tools when you've got hotness on your side? A million years of evolution can't be wrong.

23. Leela from Doctor Who (Louise Jameson)
Here's MY pick for sexiest Doctor Who companion ever, and she's a fiery redhead too. Leela is a sexy and completely unselfconscious savage from the far future, a tomboy with a short skirt to rival even Amy's. Doctor Who's first female badass is still its premiere badass. I've got a janis thorn in my side to prove it.

22. Kaylee Frye from Firefly (Jewel Staite)
Speaking of tomboys... Kaylee may look like a sweet and upbeat ship mechanic, but considering that the first time she came aboard Serenity was to boink the previous mechanic, I'd say there are more sides to her. Though it didn't get very many episodes to work its magic, the chemistry between her and Simon Tam was potent, and it was great to see her in the ballroom dress too. It's nice to see the tomboys dress up. It's a subset of the sexy librarian phenomenon. I could watch her eat strawberries all day.

21. Ro Laren from Star Trek: The Next Generation (Michelle Forbes)
Ensign Ro created in me an everlasting crush on Michelle Forbes, and it's almost a wonder that she didn't crack the Top 20. One of the many women on this list who can break me in half, Ro definitely has a chip on her shoulder, but it's a passionate chip. Her verbal sparring with Riker threw off sparks and I can totally believe that they would wind up together as soon as their memories were wiped. In her first episode, she took off her shirt and gave it to a war orphan. And then there's the scene where she poses as a prostitute and fondles Picard's ears. That's Star Trek's way of saying MAY-DECEMBER!!!

20. Toshiko Sato from Torchwood (Naoko Mori)
Oh Torchwood, you're responsible for so much sexiness, only some of it gratuitous. Tosh may be a bit shy, especially around the man of her dreams, but the show has pushed her into a short-lived same sex relationship with an alien hottie, and brainwashed her so that she put it all out there. And those costumes, oy! But when Tosh is herself, it's sexy librarian all over. She's a timid computer nerd who doesn't realize just how beautiful she is.

19. Lady Jessica from Dune (Saskia Reeves)
Lynch's Dune movie disappoints once again in the sexiness department when you watch the Dune mini-series and see the classy, classy beauty that is Saskia Reeves in the role of Lady Jessica (Alice Krige in Children of Dune can't even compare). Wow, that's some hot mom you have there, Muad'Dib. And of course, she should be. In the Dune universe, wives are a formal affair, but concubines are the ones you really love. The mother of a Messiah should be nothing less than Duke Leto's ideal woman.

18. River Song from Doctor Who (Alex Kingston)
It may or may not help that Alex Kingston played Moll Flanders in a sexy adaptation of Daniel Defoe's book almost 15 years ago (it helps, I confirm it), but there's something incredibly sexy about her portrayal of the Doctor's maybe wife. She seems to be able to have chemistry with just about anyone she wants, and it scarcely matters if they're in their diapers (as the current Doctor, Matt Smith, is, relatively speaking). The voluptuous figure, the bedroom eyes, the curly red hair, the hallucinogenic lipstick... Yes, you read that right. This is a character armed with LSD lipstick. And some mean high heals.

17. Doyle from Andromeda (Brandy Ledford)
The robot girlfriend with a built-in G-spot that's easy to find (why would I make that up?), Doyle could break you in half, but then had these more intimate moments where she didn't mind being held, or stripped naked. I'm also a sucker for almond eyes.

16. Jessica 6 from Logan's Run (Jenny Agutter)
Sexuality being what it is in Logan's Run, there was every chance Jessica would wind up here. This is a world where you can teleport anyone you meet on the forums for steamy under-30 sex, after all. Jenny Agutter is the perfect beauty to bring her to life, innocent yet sexual, and with a wardrobe that's easy to shrug off. Of COURSE, I'll go on the run with you.

15. Leeloo from The Fifth Element (Milla Jovovich)
The petite Leeloo with her strange accent and even stranger costumes was an immediate hit and probably remains one of the most frequent costume ideas for girls who want to be sexy for Halloween or the convention circuit. The fact that so many fail at being at all sexy with an orange harness riding up their crotch is a testament to how Milla Jovovich can make anything look good. Here's the Weapon of God and there was no way Bruce Willis wouldn't fall for her. The best thing is: That's exactly how you unleash the weapon and beat the bad guys. Winning wars against ugly aliens is a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

14. Maggie Beckett from Sliders (Kari Wuhrer)
Though I'll always remain a Wade fan first and foremost, I can't say I was unhappy with erotica icon Kari Wuhrer joining the cast of Sliders. It certainly gave me something to watch when the scripts started going south. I could go on an on about this being another smokin' warrior woman (oh, those Amazons!), but did I really need to say anything after the words "Kari Wuhrer"? No. No I did not.

13. Cora Peterson from Fantastic Voyage (Raquel Welch)
Told you to watch for Raquel! Like #26's Farrah Fawcett, here we have a star that may not have done a lot of science fiction, but that small appearance has remained in the public's consciousness for a long time. 1966's Fantastic Voyager is a B-movie classic, and Welch fills out that inner-space astronaut outfit to perfection. She's the best thing about the movie (unless you live on Bizarro World, then it's the scientific accuracy), and still mentioned anytime someone counts down the sexiest costumes.

12. Cherry Darling from Planet Terror (Rose McGowan)
A stripper becomes a radioactive-zombie killer all thanks to her machine gun leg. Rose McGowan is gorgeous and uncompromisingly sexy in the role, even after she loses a limb. That takes some doing. And I respect the effort by putting her in the 12th spot.

11. Claudia Brown from Primeval (Lucy Brown)
The voluptuous Claudia Brown and her chemistry with Nick Cutter was probably my biggest reason for liking Primeval initially (though the dinosaurs also had something to do with it). When the universe had a spasm and she became Jenny Lewis, it just didn't work for me anymore, even if it was the same actress. So you really can have the same person play the same basic role (if not character) and still register different levels of sexiness. So it's Claudia's style and her more relaxed relationships I really dig. She's smart, elegant, confident, but can also be flustered in matters of love. Totally hot and endearing. I still hold out hope that the universe can be put right.

I'm noticing that a lot of sexy characters tend towards redder shades of hair. I knew that was a thing in comics (where it's just a matter of coloring hair a flaming and eye-grabbing orange), but it seems to hold in tv and film too. Looking at the top 10, I spot only one more, so redder doesn't necessarily mean sexier. But it's certainly an element. Next week: The 10 sexiest women in science fiction!


De said...

True story: the woman in the modified armor interviewed me for a job with a Homeland Security project back in 2008. Her name is Rain.

Siskoid said...

There are like 12 different random things in that statement.

Anonymous said...

You're really going to make us wait a whole week for the top ten, aren't you? Meanie!

Although, process of elimination narrows the field greatly; you've hit most of the obvious babes, and some entire series (such as "Doctor Who") can be ruled out. So my predictions:

- Original Trek: Uhura, for being hot in her own right, but also for playing an important role as the first black woman doing something important in science fiction. I don't know if you know this, but Martin Luther King Jr. himself once convinced her to stay on the show, when she was feeling sort of underused sitting there with a thing in her ear. MLKJr let his kids watch TOS precisely because of Uhura; how he would have loved DS9.

- Original Trek: Yvonne Craig as Orion slave girl.

- TNG: Commander Shelby. (?)

- TNG: Tasha Yar.

- Voyager: Janeway, maybe. Hell, she was way hotter than I'll ever be.

- Babylon 5: Lyta Alexander.

- Babylon 5: Captain Lockley.

Those are my guesses for at least some of the top slots; we'll see whether my taste in women is any good soon enough.

Siskoid said...

That's a well-known, but nonetheless inspirational and even touching story. I love it.

I won't spoil you by telling you where you went right and where you went wrong. ;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

that photo of Jenny Agutter from Logan's Run is soooooo hot!

Siskoid, i've been watching DS9 episodes on youtube all weekend. what a great show! there were so many good episodes! the writing, the characters, the action is top notch! it actually kind of pisses me off when i hear a Star Trek fan say they didn't like that series. i mean i know i should get pissed, but i kinda do anyways.


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