Cat of the Geek #84: Ceiling Cat

Name: Ceiling Cat
Stomping Grounds: LOLcat universe
Side: Ultimate Good
Breed: American shorthair (but only because American Shorthairs wrote the bible)
Cat Powers: The ability to peer through reality through a ceiling hole portal to watch whatever sins men and cats alike commit.
Skills: Eat 0, Sleep 0, Mischief 5, Wit 2, Watch 10
Cat Weaknesses: None. For corroborating evidence, read:


Jeremy Patrick said…
My cat has disappeared into the ceiling before, which always makes me nervous. He always comes down though, usually meowing because he's afraid to jump down.
Siskoid said…
There's no ceiling access where I live, but I have the same problem with cupboards... especially those filled with pipes and toxic cleaning agents.

Duct tape has cleared up the situation.
curtisblack72 said… for shirts
Anonymous said…
And you have two first names, Jeremy.