DC Comics' Amazing History of Abraham Lincoln

I hear it's something called... Presidents' Day? Is that right? Something like that anyway. I'm not sure where to put the apostrophe. I probably got it right. If not, well, let's just say that in Canada, we don't particularly worship our Prime Ministers, least of all today's Robot-in-Chief. But Americaneers are a different breed, and I think they have a right to be. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. In addition to abolishing slavery and killing lots of vampires, did you know...

He once arm-wrestled Scalphunter?
And once punched Woozy Winks?
And that Bizarro gave him every chance to kill John Wilkes Booth?

You can't deny History.


Anonymous said…
The correct answer is, you put in as many apostrophes as you like, the more the better.

One more Lincoln appearance:

American Hawkman said…
There's also Honest Abe, the Lincoln-impersonating superhero from Illinois who was a pallbearer at Booster Gold's funeral in 52.

I'll note that former Vice-President Aaron Burr is the God-king of an alien race in O'Neill's Green Lantern run. Mostly becausne of how random and insane that is, so I tell EVERYONE that.
Siskoid said…
I'll look that up! It sounds like something I COULD tell everyone.
American Hawkman said…
It's in Flash #230-231, and is genuinely insane.
SallyP said…
Lincoln really does manage to get around.