Let's Roll: James Bond 007

Siskoid and special guest Ryan Blake take on Victory Games' James Bond 007 RPG, a true classic that proved a precursor to such games as DC Heroes and Torg, very cutting edge for its day and with a relatively modern feel even today. So brush off your "00" license, pick up a few things from Q, and give us a listen! Plus: In the GameMaster's Advice segment, Siskoid introduces the concept of an RPG-related Movie Night!

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Here are some images relevant to this episode of Let's Roll:
The James Bond 007 RPG by Gerard Christopher Klug, Greg Gorden, Neil Randall and Robert Kern, with cover by James Talbot.
The plain James character sheet:
All the gadgets from the movies are in the Q Manual.
But where it's really at is the gorgeous adventure scenarios and their lavish hand-outs.
I couldn't remember it at the time, but my Bond's Bastards idea was actually based on IDW's Illegitimates comic. Source.

Credits: Community's "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons", starring Jonathan Banks, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, and Joel McHale; "James Bond Theme" by David Arnold; the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon's "Day of the Dungeon Master", starring Don Most and Sidney Miller; and"License to Kill" by Gladys Knight

 All ready? Let's roll!


misterharry said…
I adore the 007 RPG and have many happy memories of running it back in the day (I never got the chance to play it though). In fact, I've recently been tempted to dust it off for an outing with my current group.
Siskoid said…
Often on my short list of games too.
Lawrence said…
I had this game back in the day. For some reason they were barred from using Blofeld, so they made their own version of one.

The sourcebook piqued my interest enough to seek out some of the less than good Bond films out of curiosity