Who's This? Reintroduction

So it's been decided. Every Saturday, starting with Abel on page 1 of Who's Who #1, I will repurposing my Who's This? feature. I say repurpose, because as the original introduction to the project intimated, it was originally meant to cover the more obscure or since-forgotten characters who nevertheless got entries in DC's directory. Now I'm going to go beyond that and give every character in Who's Who an entry which, on a weekly basis, is never going to end, I realize. It'll take me half a year just to get through issue one!

Of course, if I've covered them already, there's no need to do so again. So here's a complete list of who I've covered in this format (excluding non-Who's Who characters like the Green Team, Captain Canuck and Nelvana of the Northern Lights who also got the treatment), with links and everything.

Air Wave I
Angle Man
Balloon Buster
Batman (was an April Fool's joke, I will have to return to the character)
Black Pirate
Captain Compass
Captain Fear
Chris KL-99
Colonel Future
Crime Doctor
Doctor Double X
Doctor Tzin-Tzin
Don Caballero
Firebrand I
Forgotten Villains: Atom-Master
Forgotten Villains: Faceless Hunter
Forgotten Villains: Kraklow
Forgotten Villains: Mr. Poseidon
Forgotten Villains: Ultivac
Ghost Patrol
Golden Gladiator
Grim Ghost
Heroes of Lallor
Hop Harrigan
Hunter's Hellcats
Immortal Man
Insect Queen I
Invisible Destroyer
Jason Bard
Johnny Peril
J. Wilbur Wolfingham
Kana - Secret Shadow Warrior
Kong the Untamed
Lady Lunar
Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys
Lord Shilling
Madame .44
Manhunter I
Master Jailer
Merry the Girl of a Thousand Gimmicks
Mr. America
Mysto, Magician Detective
Neptune Perkins
Phantom Zone Villains Part 1 and Part 2
Pig-Iron (but actually, Peter Porkchops)
Prince Ra-Man
Red Bee
Silver Ghost
Son of Vulcan
Space Cabbie
Spawn of Frankenstein
Starfire I
Star Hunters
Star Rovers
Strong Bow
Ten-Eyed Man
Terrible Trio
Thunder and Lightning
Tim Trench
TNT and Dan the Dyna-Mite
Tommy Tomorrow
Trail Boss Matt Savage
Turtle Man I (actually the Turtle)
Ultra Man Gary Concord
Viking Commando
Warlock of Ys
Wyoming Kid
Out of order, at the end of Vol. XXVI:
Captain Triumph
Captain X
From Who's Who Update '87:
Darwin Jones
Dr. Ub'x
Ian Karkull
Phantom of the Fair

One last thing, directed at fans of our podcasting endeavors: When I started Who's This? in 2012, it was a reaction to Rob and Shagg's seminal Who's Who Podcast, specifically to address the fact that sometimes, they would go "I've never heard of this guy". Cuz it's true, Who's Who was many fans' introduction to some of these characters, and perhaps even our only contact ever with the character. Since then, the boys have also started to do occasional shows branded as "Who's This?" to address the same problem and revisit some of their favorite entries with knowledgeable guests, in audio form. Pop will eat itself. There's no real connection between the projects except we all work together and inspire one another. I hope you enjoy both.

So you ready for this? Abel and the House of Secrets are on tap for next Saturday!


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Great to see this feature expanding! Thanks for the shout out to the podcast. And I think us borrowing your “Who’s This” handle was complete serendipity. Looking forward to more of these!


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